1. Well I know you all hate when people ask you all kinds of medical questions esp on your days off but I really need some opinions-Please help..My daughter is four yrs old and yesterday I noticed a knot on the right side of her neck,about an inch and a half or so,anyway she is not running fever and has no infection right now so I really didn't think it could just be a swollen lyph node,but today she says it is hurting.Needless to say since I am a nursing student I always think the worst.....Any ideas??
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  3. by   oramar
    Any lump anywhere that appears on anyone needs to be checked soon by MD. No nurse here is going to say anything else. I would look at the child if I could and give advice whether to call pediatritian or go straight to ER. However sight unseen I can't do anything but say the child needs to be checked out very soon.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Agree with Oramar: Call the pediatrician first thing tomorrow AM.
    If she has a sore neck, neck stiffness,difficulty swallowing , lethargy or fever tonight take her IMMEDIATELY to the ER.
  5. by   Researchnurse
    I agree with both of the above members... but try not to worry...it is probably a swollen lymph node. My grandaughter gets the same whenever she gets a cold, ear infection etc. Hers is usually the size of a pea on the side of her neck.
    Definately should call the doc Monday morning tho to have it checked out. I was very worried when I saw this on her as well..never really saw a lymph node stick out like that before. I'm sure all is well, but have it checked out just to be safe.
  6. by   Jenny P
    Get it checked tomorrow. My son would get a lump about 1" in diameter on his neck whenever he had a strep infection. It was only a swollen lymph gland, but the first few times it happened, I thought it was cancer or something. It can be scarey, but with little folks, it's better to get it checked right away-- for Mom's sake! Especially when Moms' a nurse or a nursing student. LOL!
  7. by   lvnmom
    Thanks everyone,needless to say I am sooooooo worried.I called our pediatricains after hrs number and the nurse on call pretty much said the same things.I am trying to keep busy,and will have her seen tomm I just don't like this not knowing stuff.I am no good at it...
  8. by   kids
    1) YES get it checked by the doctor.
    2) do you have cats?
  9. by   lvnmom
    No cats,why?Her grandparents have cats but she hasn't been over there in a wk or so-
  10. by   kids
    What ever it is is needs to be seen (sorry to be redundant, I would never want my advice to be a substitute for a MD check)

    A large sore node in a non-sick kid makes me think cat scratch disease. Which can also be caused by a bite or even a lick. It can have a really variable incubation period. It is not especially common and is more of a new-since (huked on fonics) than anything. If I remember correctly...if they treat it at all its with several weeks of Tetracycline.

  11. by   canoehead
    I had a lump like that on my neck when I was ten and I can still remember how scared my parents were. Even though they didn't say anything to me when my Dad took time off work to go to the MD with us I knew it was serious.

    But it was nothing- just a lump that went away in a month or so, and I didn't even break a sweat, let alone need chemo. Everything will be fine.
  12. by   rdhdnrs
    Let us know what the dr says, okay?
  13. by   lvnmom
    Sure will,I have her an appt in an hour-I just picked her up from Pre-K and she said her knot on her neck is now hurting and almost cried when I checked to see how big it was.I am soooo worried,esp because today in my pedi class we talked about Hodgkins disease and the first sign/symptom is a knot on the neck usually found by a parent or nurse-HELLO!!!!!I am sure though that hers is strep or something-Be on later and let ya know!
    THanks to everyone for their input and advice-Take care to all and God BLess!
  14. by   lvnmom
    I AM VERY HAPPY TO REPORT THAT MY DAUGHTER WAS CHECKED OUT BY HER PEDIATRICIAN TODAY AND HE SAID SHE IS FINE!!He said that it is a swollen lyph node @1in or so and that it is very common.He also said he didn't feel any of her other nodes swollen so he didn't suspect any thing like leukemia or anything like that..Yeah!!What a relief.I was sooooo scared!!Anyway thanks for listening!Take care and God Bless!