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Is there anything ethically wrong with dating your doctor? He has been my doctor for 7 years. We have a professioal relationship as well, being that I am an RN. He was my doctor prior to me becoming... Read More

  1. by   donsterRN
    Quote from crissy01134
    You go girl, and best of luck to you? But I have a question or a problem,I guess you would say.(since we are on the subject) I have been meeting a lot of girls starting nursing school that are only in it to find a rich doc. And it really bothers me. What happened to the good old days when people just wanted to help people and be a nurse because it's the right thing to do? I don't even know how to respond to them?(it takes everything I have to hold back my words and tell them what i really think) It makes me so mad that they are using out government's money to fund there schooling JUST TO FIND A HUSBAND!!! Grrrr.... How would y'all respond to these money hungry gold diggers? Please give me some insight.
    I guess that unless they asked me my opinion, I'd chalk this up as something that is none of my business and move on with my own activities. Many students are NOT using the government's money to fund their education, and if they were, I'm not sure how or why that affects you. FWIW, many people do all sorts of things for many different reasons.
  2. by   dreamon
    If you do follow USCSTU4LFE's advice be sure to get a paying hobby and save that money up in case you don't get to make it to early 'retirement' due to a divorce.