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ok people I am hoping somebody can enlighten me. 2 years ago my wife suffered a right CVA at 29 yrs of age. Yesterday morning after waking she suddenly lost all feeling and function in her left... Read More

  1. by   susanmary
    Originally posted by scrubs70
    thanks for replies folks, it certainly seemed strange so I have called doctor and insisted on MRI scan of brain and have asked to have a referral to a specialist
    I'd do the same thing. You have to be an advocate for your wife -- sometimes that means getting a second (or third) opinion. Did they determine the cause of her first stroke? Does a vascular surgeon or a neurologist follow her? My specialty is vascular nursing & I'm curious as to whether she has blockage in either of her carotid arteries, she had a hemmoraghic (bleed) stroke, or if she shot a blood clot. Is she on any kind of medication/blood thinners?

    I wish you both well & continue to seek answers to your absolutely valid questions/concerns. Good luck. Sue
  2. by   NicuGal
    I would be wayyy leery of that. My mom went to the ER after a "worst headache of my life" and she blacked out briefly. They determined that she had the worst migraine of her life and put her on a medsurg floor with a BP that was reallllly high.

    You guessed it...she stroked from an aneurysm that night. She started vomiting and the doctor said it was from the Demerol. Yeah right. She died 4 days later from a ruptured aneurysm that if it had been caught that first night could have been coiled or clipped.

    Never trust an internist with something like that. Just my jaded opinion.
  3. by   scrubs70
    TY Nicugal, my thoughts exactly.
    they are about to take her for her MRI scan now on my insistance, although much to the objection of the intern
    I will let everyone know how we get on
    Thanks again to you all for your advice and concern
  4. by   scrubs70
    ok folks update time.
    After performing an MRI at my request they have discovered there is further damage to the brain, suggesting a TIA or another CVA, so much for the migraine.
    anyway, they are performing Cardiac Ultrasound today and a few other tests to ascertain the reason for a 31 year old having repeated blood clotting episodes.
    Thankyou all for your advice and I am glad I decided to pursue the issue of conducting an MRI despite the interns insistence that this was unnecessary.
  5. by   pokey sn
    I'm glad you found the answer you were looking for. Good luck with your wife
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  6. by   kewlnurse
    Surprised nobody mentioned this, did they check her blood glucose?
    Hypoglycemia can somtimes mimic a CVA
  7. by   Rhoresmith
    My 16 yo daughter suffers severe Migraines and goes to a headache clinic in Chicago Il. When she has been hospitalized for treatment ( IV DHE ) we have met so mainly people with so many different types of Migraines and we met two women who had this type of Migraine....... so while your wifes was more it CAN be a Migraine but I can assure you that this clinic would INSIST that a MRI be done because Migraines can cause a stroke. Have read of numerous cases of this. A great site for Migraine information is the National Headache foundation Good luck and we will pray for you and your wife

  8. by   susanmary
    How often are women's symptom's dismissed -- just think of cardiac symptoms. You are your wife's best advocate -- you know her better than anyone else. Again -- she needs a full workup -- carotids, clotting, etc. Start writing down any questions you have on a pad -- often when it is a loved one -- we forget to ask specific questions ... then remember after the doc has left. There are many different reasons if/why your spouse has a clotting problem ... don't let your thoughts run away with you. Continue to be supportive, follow your intuition -- and don't let a resident. intern, or an attending sway you from what you believe is in your wife's best interests. She is young, she has a supportive hubby, babies -- she needs to focus on the positive and continue to strive to get her health back. On another note, is there anyone who can assist her with the babies during the day? She needs to take care of herself and rest (which is hard to do with kiddos.) Prayers, and best wishes. Things will be fine.

  9. by   scrubs70
    Thanks Sue,
    In answer to the looking after the children, I am her full time carer and also do all of the caring for the 3 children, aged 7yrs,2 yrs and 6 weeks.
    Well she has been discharged and is back home tonight.
    Still has a slight speech impedement but otherwise is in good health.
    God bless you Sue and Thankyou for caring