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The unit on which I am currently working PRN (usually every other weekend) is rapidly tanking. They are down to TWO regular staff nurses on day shift (both of whom were and are useless independent... Read More

  1. by   cpgrn
    snip, snip!
  2. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Originally posted by bagladyrn
    What happens to the rats that don't desert the ship? They drown! Get out while you can.

    Great advice, BagladyRN.

    I have worked in a couple of real Hell-holes in the past, and was determined to stick it out-

    What happened? I nearly drowned!

    Now, I have learned to bolt before my feet even get wet.

    The book "Who Moved My Cheese?" really helped me get a good perspective on these types of situations and validated my decisions.
  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Excellent advice, folks .

    Rough weekend patient-wise. Lots of personality disorders who all seemed to think I was their provate duty nurse lol. What pushed me over the edge, tho, was when I saw the guy who does the time cards today, and asked him about some accumulated PTO time I've been trying to get paid for (we're supposed to just be able to write how many hours we want on the card and it just gets added on.) Have tried a couple of times and it's not getting processed. He alleges the UM is blocking it when the time cards get to her "because her (my) PRN status doesn't allow her to claim PTO." Bullhockey - told him he needed to let it be known I get my money THIS CHECK or I'm gone. And since I'm PRN, I don't have to give notice even tho I'm on the schedule.


    Either way, I'm outta there - if I get my money this check, they'll actually get 30 days notice.

    Great advice, all .
  4. by   kayRN21
    I have seen this happen before when a unit was trying to do more with less or the unit was going to close down. I worked on a psych unit that closed and before it closed it used travelors and did not hire any new staff. I came to work one day and they said this unit is closed. I had to take a position they said or be termenated but would not get unemployment because they offered me a position but not a position of my chosing. They said apply with other managers, but none of the other nurses that did that were taken by another manager. It was reallly a very unfair deal so I would say look out and leave while you can because it gets worse.