Curasol wound gel

  1. Just wondering what other places are doing out there with Curasol gel & what kinds of results are happening. Also wondering how often dressings are ordered to be changed. I've seen once daily to TID, so I'm curious.
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  3. by   P_RN

    The change interval would probably dpend on the extent of the damaged tissue.

    Does your facility have a wound care nurse?

  4. by   RNPD
    Thanks, P_RN, that is an excellent site.
  5. by   hoolahan
    I love the stuff, and I do lots of wound care in home health. It is great for beginning decubs, and many other kinds of wounds, usually only have to change once, maybe twice a day if a lot of drainage.

    I have worked with something wonderful in the last year, iodosorb gel. It looks like baby poo, you spread it on in a thin layer, and it contains lots of tiny granules, which absorb drainage, so for leg wounds that drain a LOT this stuff is like gold. It has an iodine base, so it's also good if you have those pt's who still walk around barefooted on dirty floors. I have used it on several pts and watched their wounds decrease in size by 50% IN ONE WEEK. But it is only for high exudate wounds.
  6. by   TracyB,RN
    P_RN, that IS a good site. I was checking it out before I posted.
    I used to work LTC, and we didn't ave a tx nurse.
    We are now caring for hubby's Gram at home & she came home from hospital with a 6 x 6 x 1 Stage III, Curasol gel once daily. I remembered using it a while back, but remembered it was ordered more often for a wound about the same size. It is draining small amts of serosanguinous, does have some eschar & small necrotic area in center. I asked the doc if we should be doing changes BID, but she said no. I figured at least BID would be better to pull off that necrotic tissue.

    Thanks for the input.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN

    Sorry to hear about Gran's ulcer.

    You state Stage 3 , 6x6. It is draining small amts of serosanguinous, does have some eschar & small necrotic area in center.

    Hydrogel is simply water in a gel form which keeps the wound bed moist allowing for autolysis and prevents drying out. It is good , but slowwwww process for any Necrotoc wound.

    I've had great response with Mesalt dressing which is a hypertonic 15% Sodium Chloride Impregnated dry dressing , naturally and safely removes debris from wound tissue. It comes as sheets or for leg ulcers and sinus tracts, as a ribbon. Loosely apply the dressing to wound bed, cover with 4x4 and film overlay if on buttocks area or 4x4 and tape. Will really jump start autolytic debridement. Discontinue use when wound bed 90 % pink then return to hydrogel. In wounds with a mixture, sometimes just used Mesalt on slough areas and thin hydrogel on pink skin.

    Hope Gran also getting a homecare visiting nurse. Request consult with CETN. If this is a trunk ulcer, she is eligable for a low airloss mattress under Medicare if she has low mobility and difficulty repositioning and can keep 1 to 2 months post wound closure. Make sure you include extra protien in diet to aid wound healing. Viamins with E and Zinc also help wound healing and recomended by several docs at wound centers we deal with. Good luck.

    This site has multiple useful links re wound care resources:
  8. by   TracyB,RN
    Thanks, NRSKarenRN, I am going to check out that site now.
    We do have a homehealth nurse, who recommended drsg change QOD. I am ignoring that advice.
    The healing is VERY slow, have been at this for 6 weeks now
    I will be calling doc in the morning to ask about another treatment.
  9. by   Cynthia T
    I was wondering if Curasol gel is ever put on nu gauze or a gauze strip to help heal pressure ulcers that have reopened stage 3 that has a small entry and tunnel that is unobservable. Packing with aquacel did not work and there is possible poorly perfused or necrotic tissue preventing healing. An infection does not exist and drainage is minimal to low moderate. Pt already has a fresh tube of this at home for another wound. I am a home health nurse and was wondering if this would be an applicable question to ask the Doctor. Or any other suggestions besides ns wet to dry