CT Scan ..what is??

  1. Hello friends.. long time member, forever since I posted. I have been so incredibly busy and now I come to you all for some help..
    My 12 yr old daughter went to the ER last night presenting with blurred vision and migraine headache, nausea associated with the migraine. The ER doc said that the CT scan shows a small air pocket on the left side of the brain.
    now I have been an RN for almost 20 years, but I do not read CT scans.. the report says:
    CSF density structure noted in posterior fossa posteriorly to the right cerebellar hemisphere. It most likely represents an incidental mega cisterna magna.
    The left mastoid process appears hyperplastic and is incompletely aerated

    So who can tell me in clearer terms what this means??

    Thanks so much from one nurse to another.
    Have a great day to all...
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    Um......methinks I see a padlock coming......sorry
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    Thanks. I am not looking fro medical advice I am looking fro an interpretation of the radiology terminolgy that is unclear to me...

    and to TazziRN? What gives, padlock for why? that made no sense...
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    I'm sorry, Monica, but interpretation of the CT is beyond the scope of what the members of allnurses.com can provide for you.

    Please, contact your daughter's physician for the interpretation.

    We hope all is well.

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