crazy co-workers

  1. Warning-VENT!!! I had a DAY in the LTC...Students in and around the nurse's station all day,doc's rounds,the mobile clothing store nightmare with the activity staff up my arse all day wanting to know when Mrs So and So would be ready to go shopping (hello-give us a SCHEDULE next time and they will be ready when you come to get them)-phamacist behind the desk auditing-a dying resident and all of the usual headaches-I want ginger ale with my meds! or I want butterscotch pudding with my meds! and fingersticks with coverage and tube feedings-continuous and a bolus feeding too-mini-nebs that we are now supposed to STAY WITH THE RESIDENT until finished and document the time it took.Right-I had 60 minutes of nebs today...right-o......treatments and documentation.The hairdresser calling all day-the P.T. aide back and forthing residents BEFORE I gave them meds......yada yada yada....Just another day on the ROCK....It is not my floor-I float-and it is so disorganized...Anyhoo-no LUNCH-of course.I was at the desk at close to shift change finishing up some orders,calling pharm to stat some meds for my dying friend when my relief came in...Ranting and raving...Good gosh-I had not yet straightened up as I usually do-half of my lunch was in the med room on the counter(shame on me) She starts freaking out and grabbing crap and shoving things around-"What's this doing HERE? "Why is this like this? etc etc....In front of staff and the pharmacy consultant...I did tell her several times to stop yelling at me-that I had not had time to clean things up but I intended to do so...She was ballistic....God forbid-the NARC cards were in the drawer OUT OF ORDER-she was so over-amped that she got her self all confused-trying to count narcs and not even able to read the freaking labels....Out of order-8 freaking cards-BIG FREAKING DEAL-all I cared about after today was that the right residents got the right meds etc....Anyhoo-I hate to dis students.their instructors and ancillary staff-they all have a job to do...But SHEESH-get your head out of your azz and look at what is going on around you....Take your work to the side....and shut up about what you did with your boyfriend last night....I am TOAST....o -well-even if no-one reads this post it served it's purpose...I feel better...Tomorrow is another day...yippeeee.On the same floor....I'll at least know to have gingerale and a nice selection of puddings with me when I do meds....Little old grouchy ladies-this aches-that hurts...NOTHING nice to say about anything...I'll try to kill 'em with kindness again.It might work tomorrow...Maybe I'll have time to stock and straighten up.....
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Understandable about the bad day dept. The state showed up at the nursing home that i work at part time. We've arranged a Thank-G---They've-Left party on friday.
  4. by   teeituptom
    I am the craziest of all co workers

    they are cominhg to take me away

    Ha Ha

    they are coming to take me away

    Ho Ho

    to the funny farm ha ha ho ho

    etc etc etc
  5. by   Tweety
    How about a burbon and giner ale for yourself. Sounds like you need it.

    I LOATHE the neat freaks that come in and start juding you for your area when they have no idea what you just went through the previous 8 or 12 hours.

    Most of the time I have my work station in order, but sometimes not. We have a secretary that comes in, graps towels and spray and starts picking up stuff, spraying down the station, giving "humpths" and mumbling while she does it.

    Hope tomorrows better for you.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Some of the people that come in and act like that about anything messy tend to have this this-place-would-die-without-me concept on themselves, i've noticed
  7. by   jnette
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, KTWLPN, do I ever feel for you ! Man, days like that are just the worst! I'm so sorry... and I DO hope tomorrow is way better ! Super big hugs to you ! And yes, perhaps a little wheeled cart with assorted puddings and various types of beverages... and might cut, color, and paste a nice big smile to slap on during times of duress.. keep it tucked away in your pocket to retrieve and apply PRN !
  8. by   rdhdnrs
    Bless your heart. Have a glass of wine on me.