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Are there any requirements on rns to maintain their cpr certification? Where i work the hospital cancelled all classes and told us we have a 6 month grace period after our certification expires. are... Read More

  1. by   catlady
    I just get cranky when I hear about BLS and ACLS. I was an ACLS instructor, which is a pain to get (and very expensive). I don't know if it's true in other states, but here in CT, the AHA divested itself from the training classes and set up "affiliates," meaning different organizations such as hospitals were now responsible for their own programs and their own instructors. Every instructor had to affiliate with a program. So I did, and I taught some classes, but then the affiliate wouldn't schedule me any more, and worse, wouldn't issue me a new instructor card. I couldn't even get my calls returned. Without a current card, I couldn't affiliate with another program, either, when I had the opportunity to do so. When I called AHA, they said it wasn't their problem and I should deal with the affiliate. So my instructor certification has expired, so now I'm not even ACLS-P certified! I have zero recourse other than to start all over again, taking the provider course and then the instructor course. GRRRRRR!!!!
  2. by   Stargazer
    catlady, I think your experience is accurate around the country. The AHA has a regional office here but all the teaching is done through CTCs, or community training centers. These are basically franchises and although they have to adhere to some basic standards, how good or bad, organized or disorganized each CTC is seems to have a lot to do with who is running it -- and possibly with how closely the regional office watches out for the CTCs in its area.

    Do you have just the one near you or do you have any choice in where you can go? I have at least 4 CTCs within easy driving distance from me and they always seem to have a need for more instructors. I took my BLS and my AED instructor courses at the largest one in the area, and the head of the CTC looked fried and said she desperately needed some more instructor-trainers. She asked me if I would be interested in taking the class.

    If you are limited to one local CTC and really are unable to get a satisfactory response from them, I would go over their head to the regional AHA office. The CTC is answerable to them.
  3. by   catlady
    Thanks for the response, Stargazer. There are plenty of CTCs in the area, and I had one that wanted to use me, but I couldn't show them proof that I was a current instructor because my affiliate would not issue me a new card, even though I had taught for them. The regional AHA refused to help me, and just gave me the standard line to go back and try to get the affiliate to issue me the card. As I said, though, it's all moot now because I went another year without being able to teach two classes, so my certification expired. If I ever have the time and the money, I might go through it all over again with a different affiliate <sigh>, but I shouldn't have to do that.....