Cpr........bls......bcls ?????

  1. I want in a hospital!!!! ( WAAAAAAAAA) I am very frustrated w/ my current job and I am ready to look for a new job after 9 yrs. I am completing all of my non-nursing curriculum before applying to the ADN program next spring. I have filled out apps at both the local hospitals, only to never here back from them. I understand I have no experience....but dang I am willing to learn. I have nurse friends...at these hospitals..that tell me to come fill out app for unit clerck or something.....but no such luck. I keep seeing ....BLS and BCLS on all the tech and clerk position descriptions. I assume this means Basic life saving skills? Where in the HECK do I learn these? No one seems to know.I found the CPR class at the local Red Cross, but thats it. I want to get all these things so maybe I can get some kind of job in a hospital. I mean DANG they didn't even call me to do laundry( not thatI really want to....hehehehe).....any way any Ideas would be appreciated...I am feeling REALLY unwanted...lol
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Hidi, "BCLS" and "BLS" refer to "basic cardiac life support" or "basic life support" certification, which is offered through both American Heart Association and the Red Cross. Classes usually consist of CPR plus variations on the Heimlich.

    You might want to hedge your bets by getting a CPR plus AED (automated external defibrillation) cert. The class I used to teach through American Heart was called the Heartsaver AED course. One 4-hour class, and you learned basic CPR, foreign body airway obstruction management (i.e. the Heimlich), and how to operate an AED. I'm sure if you go to the American Heart Association's or the Red Cross's websites, you can find class and contact info for your area. Certification is usually good for one year. You might want to check whether the hospital you want to apply to actually provides its own training for free before paying for a class somewhere. Many fire depts. offer classes for free also.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Good advice above...also consider taking a CNA class..a certified course lasts maybe 5 weeks...and they will also teach you CPR. Good luck...hospitals do like credentials don't they? Hang in there. Once you become a student nurse you will gain a better rapport with them as they know you have a vested interest. Good luck!
  5. by   Hidi74
    Thanks for the info stargazer and mattsmom. I checked into getting CPR certified today. The guy teaches thru the hospital and is going to call me back soon!!!! I also tried to get info an the ACLS....they told me I have to be a nurse to take that....sounds funny to me considering the file clerk position calls for it.....who would work as a clerk if they were a nurse?????? Then I asked about the CNA classes....the lady was actually trying to talk me out of it????WTF......she said to wait till I complete my first sem of clinicals...thats a year away....uugghhhhhh....Why is it so freakin hard to get in a hospital...all the nurses I know tell me " come work here" we will train ya....then when I call NO HELP........sorry im venting this is just frustrating.......................
  6. by   MelRN13
    When I took my orginal bcls, I took it at the local hospital, cost $15. You might want to do some more checking....good luck.
  7. by   kavi
    I just re-read your post and think you might have 'mixed up' ACLS and BCLS when you talked to the guy at the hospital.

    ACLS (ADVANCED Cardiac Life Support) does require a higher level of certification and licensure. Most programs won't allow you to take it unless you're a certain licensure level (LPN, EMT-ID, etc.). Because ACLS involves intubation and administering drugs.

    BCLS is (BASIC Cardiac Life Support). There are actually two kinds, or used to be when I taught it through the American Heart Assoc. One was for 'Providers", people who work in the medical field, EMS, etc. The other was for basic 'civilians'. In some states (such as Michigan) AED is supposed to now be included in the BCLS course, but double check.

    I would definitely become BCLS-AED certified--at "Provider" level if it's still available. I bet that helps a great deal.

    However, be sure to check that person's credentials. Shockingly, I know some people who recently took a course from someone 'pretending' to be a CPR instructor and had put out posters etc.. Fortunately, a few people there knew enough to 'catch' the mistakes she was teaching and check into her further. And report her of course. You wouldn't think someone would do such a thing, but we have all kinds out there....
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  8. by   Hidi74
    Thank you so much kavi....I believe that has happened. I think I might call them back....BCLS....cool.....now I am learning the right initials.....Thanks!!!!!