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I had a patient who wanted something for her headache. I offered her the Tylenol the doctor had ordered for her to take on a prn schedule. She told me she was hospitalized many times before, and... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by ainz

    I work for a for-profit company, never heard of increasing operating costs for a tax break, the tax savings does not make up for the increases in cost.

    Ainz, my venture into management was short lived, but sounds like you have been in the game longer.

    Can you explain to me why facilities would keep bringing in contract agency ..paying the agency $50 or more hourly...and yet not want to pay a competetive FT wage to staff? Three of my pool compadres would like to go fulltime but the ICU manager refuses to pay them more than $25 hr...(these are high quality, experienced ICU charge type nurses, who granted are asking for a few bucks more than some staff make, but are worth it IMO)

    I can't understand how this makes fiscal sense. A former supervisor told me agency and contracts come out of a different $ pocket/different budget with tax advantages....perhaps there are other specific reasons I'm unaware of that might play into such decisions. I tend to think $$$ issues 1st...LOL!

    Can you enlighten please as to my manager's possible reasoning here? Hope my question is not too general... thanks!
  2. by   healingtouchRN
    I am sooooo there with you honey! most of my shift now is contract people so I am the low paid full time charge nurse with more experience than the 3 of is sooo frustrating. I can't even get a whole dollar an hour when I get a raise. a few cents here & there. It just rattles me. I dont' get it......