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I haven't been around lately and would like to take the time to say "Happy New Year." While browsing the web I came across a website which encourages many in the public to get information on nurses.... Read More

  1. by   GingerSue
    Quote from SICU Queen
    Okay, well that's just scary. I located myself quite easily. I'm curious about how much info is in those "reports." Talk about an invasion of privacy. Just because I'm an RN doesn't give the general public the right to have my home address.

    Yes it is an invasion of privacy. Some of us intentionally keep our addresses out of the phone book, some pay for unlisted phone numbers. At my institute, if someone wants to contact me, then the person contacts the institute and the institute does not give out information. Instead the institute contacts me in order for me to contact the individual seeking me.
  2. by   mercyteapot
    It isn't just nurses that are subject to this kind of invasion of privacy. For less than $60, you can find out pretty much anyone's personal history using yahoo people search, or any one of dozens of other services.
  3. by   barefootlady
    typed in my name and state, not much info, but too much to suit me. I am calling state bon in am to find out how this got out. I have nothing against me, but this is too scarey for me, I worked psych for years and we could not give pts our last names, now this.
  4. by   saskrn
    I was horrified to find me and DH both there. The info was outdated though, and not completely correct.
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I typed in mine and i got old addresses with no phone numbers. You can never be TOO careful online anywhere
  6. by   flashpoint
    I put in my name and got my name, full address, title, and license number. I live in Nebraska. I put in the name of a friend in Oregon and got just her name and title.
  7. by   Euskadi1946
    I tried it and they have nothing on me. Maybe I'm not supposed to exist...LOL
  8. by   MamaTheNurse
    I went to that site and boy, was that creepy - all there was was my name and city, county and state - still, very scary.....
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    I have a license in three states, only my home state info was listed.

    This company is paying for public domain info. Whatever your state board of nursing gives out/has on their state website is the info this company will posess.

    For those of you who have FULL ADDRESS listed, it would be prudent to contact your state board of nursing AND legislators to get info changed to only release TOWN. We were quite successful in getting info limited in PA.

    Good Luck.
  10. by   needs help
    I live in South Carolina. I just went to the site and checked on myself. nothing listed anywhere. I guess my state does not give out info. Either that or I just don't exixt either. :chuckle :chuckle
  11. by   snowfreeze
    I checked my name and I don't exist. I guess Pennsylvania is not cooperative with releasing information.
  12. by   akcarmean
    I found my name, state, county, and town I think but it showed my update last as 2003 huuummmm

  13. by   LPN1974
    What scares me about this is that we are slowly losing our privacy.
    This site in combination with other sites, people can gain alot of information on you, me, anyone they want to.
    I ran across a site once, that promoted getting information on people you don't like.
    Like if your boss is giving you trouble, you can get information on them, to use to your advantage.
    We need to be very careful in this day and age, what information we release to other people, altho in some cases you have no choice, such as this particular site already has some information on most of us, and will give it out to anyone who pays $9.95.
    We need to be very careful of our social security numbers. Do NOT EVER give your social security number to just anyone who asks for it. The only people who really need it is your job, for tax withholding purposes, and some agency if you are applying for credit.
    Do NOT put your SSN on your drivers license, and if it is on there, go get it taken off, get a new drivers license issued to you, even if it costs money. Do it now.
    Do not put your SSN or your drivers license number on your checks. if they need your drivers license number let them ask you for it.
    My job, the very job I am on right now, for the state of Arkansas, used to make us put our social security number on inservice sheets we had to sign when we attended an inservice. Some of us started putting up a fuss about it, and once there was a big article come out in our state paper about protecting your SSN. I left the whole article where the lady who does inservices, could find it.
    Not long after, they started decreasing the requests for our numbers.
    NOW, we put our POSITION numbers in places where some ID is asked for.
    Just be careful of your SSN and if someone is asking or demanding it from you, find out why, and what are they going to do with it. You do NOT have to give it to every Tom, Dick and Harry who asks for it.
    These are just a few things I have learned, and I know it may be a bit off subject, and if most of you already know these, things, then sorry for the long post, but if one person on here does not know then it's worth it.
    Younger people may not know these things.
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