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Our hospital is going to computer charting and many of the nurses are opposing this. How do you think it will benefit patient care and helping our staff utilize time better? Or is it just a pain?... Read More

  1. by   KYnightnurse
    The biggest negative to computer charting is the time it takes to log in and wait for the screen(s) you want to pop up. I work on a floor with high pt. turnover. The average pt. stay is 3 days. It would be so much quicker to put I's and O's on paper than to pull them up in order to retrieve them.
    I think you'll find there are some things you like and some things you don't.
  2. by   BBFRN
    Quote from jaymz
    You may be able to look at paper faster but without redundant scanning YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES.
    MAC is the best Careview charting is by far the fasting and most logical spreadsheet based expandable system. MEDITECH is DISGRACEFUL AND DANGEROUS RN'S WILL NEED A SECRETARY JUST TO CHART AN HOUR. God forbid you have a sick ICU pt with meditech I don't know what they would do with pt's that dynamic and Ill
    I totally agree! I have worked with both, and Careview is so much better. I'm currently at a facility that uses Meditech, and it's very tedious, redundant, and hard to read. If I'm not careful, I can find myself nursing the computer more than the patients at times!
  3. by   jahra
    Quote from lgflamini
    I I can find myself nursing the computer more than the patients at times!
    This true. But the fact is that many years ago nursing was
    not open to the idea that computers would ever be used in
    nursing. Unfortunately, instead of having nurses give input,
    computer softwear staff have formulated the programs.

    If structured properly, its a great asset and should be
    a time saver for nurses.

    If you would like to read my sob story,here it is-
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  4. by   LilRedRN1973
    I love our computer charting system. I don't know the name of it; we call it the QS when referring to it. The onlyl units that use it are the critical care units/stepdown/and now peds. But we were told that in the next year or so, we will be changing to a different system that will make all our lives! I love computer charting because having rheumatoid arthritis makes it very difficult to write with a pen and paper. I can type like nobody's business so I'm all for the computer way of doing things.

    Melanie = )
  5. by   littlebitonurse
    I am from a 25 bed critical access hospital that uses Meditech and I like it. Of course, I am on the "core team" for our IT system and helped individualize the system for our hospitals use. We have developed the system slowly in each department and it drives me crazy!!! I want to just take the plunge and get it over with. During nursing school we did clinicals at another facility that had computerized nursing documentation and it sucked royally! All their staff hated it and the whole system was scrapped about 2 years ago and they are now planning to impolement Meditech also.