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  1. Hello everyone my name is Tania

    I am a CNA student I will be taking my state exam on the 15 Jan. I am very nervous about taking the skilled portion of the test. I just want some info on what to expect, is the test really hard? Should I be nervous?, Is it long?
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    [font=lucida sans unicode][color=dimgray] welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and best wishes to you!
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    Moved to General Nursing Forum in hopes you get more help here.
  6. by   RN and Mommy
    If you paid attention and understand what you've learned you will have no problem. I found that it was extremely easy. Good Luck to you.
  7. by   L&Dwant2b
    I have a cousin that just took hers and she said it was very easy. SO maybe it will be easy for you too. Good luck
  8. by   casi
    I think a lot of it depends on the state you take it in.

    In Minnesota, the written was a breeze. A lot of it is common sense. I had trouble with the practical part just because I was really nervous and kept forgetting stupid little things (like gloves) but the tester was really good about that. I did a lot of "I'd lower the bed, make sure the pt. is safe, then get gloves. Then I would raise the bed up to a working height again."

    My practical included 5 skills. Handwashing was for everyone, one skill that included measurement (pulse/resp, output, temp.), then three random from skills we were suppose to know (I got partial bed bath, oral care, and ambulation).

    It was really wasn't that bad. I've heard that it can be easy to fail the practical, which I understand. Nerves are high, and you have to do things step by step. You just need to memorize the steps set out by the class.
  9. by   taniab
    thank you!

    For the information. I see you are going to be a future RN is that hard, and how much longer do you have till you become licensed?. How long have you been schooling for this.
  10. by   Angels'
    taniab :

    Welcome to the AllNurses Forums

    I’m sure that you will do well.
    I wish you the best in all your nursing cares.

    A returning student