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Every nurse has one area/specialty/floor that they think is the best and only place they would ever consider working. So brag a little about yours, what area do you work in, what do you love and... Read More

  1. by   adrienurse

    I work in LTC on a special needs unit caring for 30 of the most wonderful, loving, wandering residents with severe dementia. The unit is wonderfully designed in an oval shape so that the residents can wander and wander and wander and never have to deal with the frustration of hitting a dead end. How wonderful it really nothing that a person can describe, but only those who have experience working there can understand. A beautiful example was today when I spent the morning doing geriatric sex councelling to a family member and the afternoon having to explain to a daughter that her mother was rapidly deteriorating and would not likely make the weekend. We get attached to theses souls like family. They have trouble remembering their names, but to actually feel that they recognize you and your presence puts them at ease is an incredible feeling.
  2. by   CindyJRN
    I am always ready to brag about the great place I work, but don't want to sound like the marketing director:chuckle . I work in a long term acute care facility. No, we are not a nursing home or a rehabilitation hospital. I have been at this hospital 2 years and have learned so much about many different aspects of nursing. While we do not provide the traditional emergency room services, we are equipped to take care of any injury or illness. We have areas of ICU and "medically stable patients". I work with some of the most knowledgable ICU Nurses try to learn from them daily. In turn, I like to think my background in LTC helps the other Nurses deal with families and extended illnesses. This particular company is going National but started in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1993.
  3. by   SICU Queen
    I work CV/Surgical ICU. Wouldn't work anywhere else!
  4. by   Rottie1
    I also work in the OR. No matter what, I only have one patient at a time. which means I can really get close to them and their family. I have worked in just about all areas of the OR, my specialty is neurosurgery - love the brain. But also enjoy general cases and ENT. I try to stay away from GU, and Ortho doesnt really interest me too much. CV: well they are a team in themselves and they like to keep it that way, so I stay out of their way.
    I really enjoy speaking to the patient, finding out their fears and worries and helping them go through a stressful time. I also spend time with family members, sometimes they are more worried than the patient is.
    Pet peeves: pts that eat even after knowing they are supposed to be NPO.
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    This is a great thread! Keep 'em coming! I'm in nursing school, graduate next year, and I haven't found my niche yet. You all make every area sound wonderful!
  6. by   Jenny P
    I LOVE my CV-ICU unit! I have been in the same unit for 23 years come September 4th, and in critical care for 29 years (and an RN for 34 years). I have always said I'd move on if I got bored or had learned all there was to learn at each place I worked,nd I still don't know it all here! I can keep my patient out of harms way and am able to intervene before a patient codes. I love what I do, I can help a patient deal with a life-threatening illness, calm the family, teach pts.' how to cough and deep breathe and also how to minimize pain, etc. It is a fun, fast pased, demanding technical job that you either love or hate!
  7. by   micro
    Pulmonary Unit rocks.........it truly does........where I am at.......
    it is very hard work and the nurses work their butts off, but it is a floor that if you can cut it there, you can cut it anywhere and then tell people how to do it better.........

    now, will brag on myself........cause I think highly of myself.....
    iv starts......still love it when that needle slides right in and the blood just comes flashing back.........what a cool feel.........

    and how cool to handle a bad situation totally, from the physical to the mental with a patient.....contact dr.s and situation on the way to resolving itself.....because you were the nurse with the patient.....
    but never forget to forget to brag on the team and the unit that supports you so that you can do this.....

    and lastly this thread.....how good of a feeling to sometimes to know just what to say and do with a patient and family to calm and possibly clarify a situation.............

    who knows what I want to be when I grow up, but I am having a journey and a "blast" getting there.....

    keep your braggin rights all,
    you deserve it.....

    this thread rocks.....
    way to go..........
  8. by   pianonurse
    Good Thread!

    Great oncology nurse. Good listener. Good with family. Fairly good at quelling nausea (at least I'm fast with the "Yuck Bucket!"). Pretty good IV starter!
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    I think that I am a Great Team player. I show up for work on time and by on time I mean seated and ready to take report at 7pm, not just rushing in the door, putting your coat away, getting a cup of coffee and going through the care plans and then be ready at 7:15pm for report. I dress nicely even though I am overweight. I try to be nice to patients and fellow co-workers.

    I've worked in several different areas of the hospital over my 5 year career. Started out in a Skilled Nursing Unit, then went to Renal/urology/gyne med-surg unit, then went to a cardiac tele/respiratory floor. Just started ICU a few months ago. That isn't going as well as I thought. See my Thread "bad eval"...

    I do not pass the buck and do my fair share, the aides like me cause I am one of few RN's who actually answer call lights!

    Oh well, I always thought I'd like to try OB/Labor and Delivery. No openings in my immediate area. Oh well. I could try driving to Cleveland but who wants to drive over 75 miles to get to work, esp in this part of the US where it snows a lot in winter. Not me.
  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    I started in LTC and recently moved to Med-Surg/Tele. One night a young (under 50) pt. of mine (who I'd just admitted not 2 hours ago) went into asystole. When we got to the room, she was
    dead dead dead

    Never having been at a code before, not willing to stand there stupidly waiting for the crash cart, I panicked and started shaking her and shouting "get back here right now!" or something to that effect.

    Suddenly, to my amazement, she shook a little and woke up!!

    I thought, I wonder if this is how Jesus felt when he saw Lazarus coming outta that tomb????

    After years and years of holding elderly hands as they make that final D/C to heaven

    :chuckle I think I'm gonna like it here :chuckle
  11. by   andrewsgranny
    :kiss I agree with you Shellybelly I am an office nurse too.
    And I hate to think that there are folks that think we arent real nurses. I feel like I see it all. From cancer to kanker sores.
    I love my job and my patients (most days) I have a great deal of responsibility. I draw the lab, do the ekg's, diet teaching, wound care. Pre-certifications for insurance from hopsital stays to viagra approval. I worked 5 years in L/D before this and loved it, I hated the hours. 7pm-7am and 3 small kids at the time.
    I am so glad I came to work in the office. I have been there 7 years and have developed such a relationship with my patients and their families.
    People please dont think that the nurse you see in an office is there to look pretty. We too have alot of responsibilites. And our butts are hitting the floor come quitting time. Which by the way is whenever we can get done, usually 1-2 hours after closing.
    You might think when we see 15 pt.s before noon that we are just seeing the pts. But those 15 will need lab,ekg's diet teaching, referrals somewhere else or whatever. Then take a 30 minutes lunch and start over.:roll Anyway thanks for letting me vent
    From one "real nurse" to another
  12. by   Amy ER Nurse
    ER is where it is at! Love the diversity, and challenge. Lots and lots of stories to tell, from the awesome to the totally bizarre. Always learning something new. The teamwork is amazing and unlike anything I have witnessed in the other areas I have worked in.
  13. by   andrewsgranny
    Amy, I would love to work E.R.:roll
    I can see why you enjoy your job. The only problem is that I would want to work E.R. in a Metro type city. I live in a very small town, where the people only go to E.R. cause they've waited around too long and the Dr's office is closed. And they have a terrible cold they have been fighting for two weeks-
    (go figure) Anyway I admire you and your job. You all are great
    But the only E.R. drama in my town comes from a T.V. show==lol:chuckle