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I have been told by fellow students that a few of the nursing instructor at our college, think men have no business in nursing.One in particular guarntees most of the male students wont make through... Read More

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    Bradley the posts have very good points I forgot to point that out until the instructor is showing some bias attittudes just play the game. Not to the point it starts to affect your grades or your success in the program. Nursing school is a real trip. They eat their young and some try to devour the opposite sex! I wish you the very best.
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    Actually... wait until she makes the statement aloud in class... then go to the college/ universities EEO office and file charges. It's really that simple.

    I had a teacher like that in nursing school in my PN program. Unfortunately, no one gave me that advice [I don't even think that EEO existed then!] Call your college/universities main number and ask them for the office of equal opportunity. Discrimination based on sex is a basis for revocation of tenure.
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    I re-read your post.... you must be able to demonstrate that her actions toward you are different from your female cohort. This will be the basis of your charges that she is treating you 'differently' based on gender. Speak to your advisor and your department chairperson as well. Usually the dept. chair [unless s/he has the IQ of a plum] will want to avoid legal entanglements involving discrimination. They may act to 'trim' her wings in advance.
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    i feel your pain brotha!!!

    my med/surg instructor had the rep of always choosing one student to make life hell for. i never went on rumors because i found that ALL of my instructors up to that point were great...regardless of the rumors.

    guess who was the "chosen"?
    i tried so hard to work around her. i did everything well. i was more than adequately prepared for dispensing meds. i tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked, she was determined to see me fail and she told me so straight out in front of witnesses.

    and i was NOT the first student she did this to....the faculity was well aware...but then there was that damn tenure.

    she made my life hell. anyone who hung out with me was doomed too. after the first week my fellow students stopped talking to me, and i generally ate lunch alone.
    i had one very good friend who refused to let the instructor intimidate her. everyone was afraid because it was our last semester.
    my friend and i got written up for such petty things that when we had to go to remediation the tutor was FURIOUS.
    she wrote me up for giving eye drops incorrectly. she stated that after administering the drops you were to hold your finger over the corner of the eye to stop the drops from absorbing into the system.
    we had never been taught that. it was not in any of our books.
    i called an eye doctor...he never heard of that....i asked the nurses and supervisors where i worked...they never heard of it either.
    the tutor was really ticked. this was so petty and stupid. she made them take the write up away ...gave them a choice...remove it or renew the cirriculum.

    we were allowed three write friend had three...i got four. (but minus the eye thing)
    she would give me the WORST patients on the guy had a tach, a central line and 23- 9AM meds...all different routes. he was an isolation patient on four different types of narcotics.
    (thank you MP..tho you intended to screw me you actually helped me)
    she would stand there and watch me give every single med every single day, asking me questions as i gave them.

    every clinical she would call us in some office and we had to go over the patient charts with her. and boy we had to KNOW what EVERY single word meant.

    my friend and i had to be on our toes every single minute. everyone else got to clinicals at 7, we were there at 5.
    and i was ALWAYS the last one out.

    i was sick that semester and was hospitalized. had surgery so i missed two clinicals. she told me i would not graduate.
    i told her i would sue....also repeated this to the dean.
    meanwhile i might my classes i was getting all A'S and B's)

    as it turned out my ability to graduate was determined by a vote of all my instuctors...everyone EXCEPT her voted for my graduation. i was told they said they thought i was a great nurse and didnt understand what her problem was....said by the ICU instuctor who was one of the MOST respected instructors in our facility.

    my justice came at the pinning ceremony.
    we were to walk on the stage and get pinned by one of two instructors....naturally, she was one of them.
    when my turn came and i saw who was going to pin me, i told the instructor in charge (standing in the wings) that if i could not wait for the other instructor, i would not be pinned. to have that woman put a pin on me would have been a me.

    so there she stood, smiling on the stage and looking stupid.
    and let me tell you, after what she put me through, that felt great!

    i might add that during all this time i had met her last "vicitm" and worked with her. one day she gave me a carpuject. she used to tell me ...DONT LET HER DO THAT TO YOU....DONT LET HER DO IT
    and when i would feel like choking her, id hold that carpuject in my hand and keep saying those words to myself so that i wouldnt lose my temper.

    ( one day i didnt have it and i was really really sick and she told me shed see to it that i never made it out of school and i told her to go ****herself. well, i figured i had nothing more to lose..but that was the ONLY time)

    i am telling you this because there ARE instructors like that out there. they are not common. ALL of mine were wonderful and i got one great education from them all. but boy when you get that ONE your life can become a living hell.
    if i had a carpuject i would send it to you, but that one i am holding onto forever. but the one thing i can pass on to you is this....