Clinical Hours

  1. I had a question about the clinical hours in nursing school. How long are the hours for clinical for nursing school. I got into Pasadena City College. Was wondering if anyone here could tell me what the hours were like for them. I heard that most nursing schools clinical hours go 6 hours then 8 hours then 12 hour shifts let me know if that is true?
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I can't answer for an RN program but my LPN program (and that of most of the LPN schools in my State) have clinical hours that are about 7-8 hours long.

    Ours didn't increase as we moved up in semesters. They were always the same times. We started going to clinicals about 4 wks after starting the LPN program.
  4. by   SmilesHeal101

    I go to a a school in Stockton, CA, and as the semester progresses there is an increase in clinical hours. At first it was about 6, then 8, and then our preceptorship are 12 hour shifts. I am assuming they are trying to get you used to working in a hospital at a slow rate. I couldn't imagine starting off doing 8 hour shifts. How long is the program in Pasadena?
  5. by   Annisme
    I am in the BSN program at Stanislaus State (Turlock). Our clinical hours in the first semesters were ~8 hours. As we start our last year w/advanced med/surg, we go to 12 hour clinicals, 2 days/week. When we had 8 hour clinicals, I always felt like we were leaving in the middle of things because the shift wasn't over.