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This is an effort (albeit, one that most likely will fail) to add another specialty category for nurses on this site. Clinic nurse. What is that? A doctor's office nurse? An outpatient nurse? A... Read More

  1. by   LaughingRN
    Thanks guys...means a lot
  2. by   Skips
    I would adore to have a new tab for this type of nursing! I am a pre-nursing student, and perhaps this specialty will be something I might want to do someday. Reading about it and bettering my understanding about clinic nursing is something I am very interested in. Good luck with this endeavor, and hopefully my post will make a difference!
  3. by   sirI
    please note on the previous page (2 posts from administration) the new name change: ambulatory care nursing clinic nursing - nursing for nurses

    since this issue is resolved, will close this thread.
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