CLEP anyone?

  1. Happy New Year to you all! I'm new here and am planning on returning to nursing after a 4yr break. I DONT want to go back to the hospital environment! Reading all your posts on the daily grind on the floor reminded me why I wanted to change careers for a while there. I do want to stay in nursing but without a BSN my choices are pretty limited. My new yrs resolution...start working on my BSN! I dont have time to attend classes right away and I was wondering if anyone has tried the CLEP tests to fulfill some of your basics. Online classes dont work for me cause I am trying to avoid writing essays and papers on history and govt classes...Ok I admit it, its been over 10 yrs since I wrote one and dont see the sense in writing those on subjects I am not majoring in and also I need something more self-paced. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   P_RN
    Way back in the time of the dinosaurs, I CLEP'd Composition and Literature and American Literature. It wasn't hard to me, because I do that stuff well. I'd never attempt a math course though because I have to have my hand held with stuff like that.
  4. by   c.wicks
    Most colleges now offer CLEP and/or DANTE services. I would advise you to contact the nearest center and obtain a list of all coarses available. While you are there, you can also request information related to each coarse specific study guide which may include test question samples.
    Your score on the pretest can be useful for establishing how much review time, if any, would be beneficial.

    I went to a private school for my BSN where the tuition-per credit hour was $406, which adds up to $1218 for a 3-hour coarse. The cost of taking a CLEP for credit of the same coarse was $45.

    What I don't understand is why so few ever consider this option.

    Good luck! C.
  5. by   mona b RN
    I don't understand it either. The savings are potentially tremendous. I have taken about 7 cleps so far. Certain schools put limits on credits earned this way so be sure to check with your school about their clep policy. I know that Widener School of Nursing actually has the clep sequence in their school handbook.

    As for myself, I am preparing for the American Literature clep worth a whopping 6 credits. Wish me luck!

    Have a good one

    mona b
  6. by   cargal
    I agree with the above posters. I clepped out of College Writing and Advanced Literature. Had to write an impromtu essay on one of the subjects offered. I wrote how TV neg affected my life but ended that I would never give it up! Passed, saved time/money. If going for my BSN would look into it for sure.
  7. by   On-z-go-nurse
    Thanks for your input! So what did you have to study to prepare for the tests? Do those CLEP study guides actually help or do you still have to read large textbooks? Just knowing it is possible makes me want to go for it!
  8. by   oldnewnurse
    My BA (got it 7 years before I started nursing school) was accelerated by 20 CLEP credits, the max my college would allow for the BA in business management. The CLEP I had trouble with and did not pass, was Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. There was a lot of British stuff in it. For nurses with A&P background, the Natural Science CLEP should be one you try if it will count for you. There were 120 questions, my school required 90 correct, and I got 115. I also passed the Spanish one but it was really hard as it contained a component where I had to listen to a recording and then answer questions. Comprehending the spoken Spanish was very hard for me. If your school will accept the English Composition CLEP's, try them as they were very easy for me, no preparation, mostly just thinking about how professional people are supposed to talk. The algebra one wasn't too bad. There was also one about civics and government that counted as a history requirement. If you know about the way this country is supposed to work (not saying it does) you will do fine on that one.

    My husband would tell you that CLEP's are not pushed by colleges because of the very thing c.wicks noted--income to the college would be decreased. My husband would also tell you that the "college police" have applied a lot of pressure to the CLEP/DANTE organizations to control the amount of advertising they do, for the very same reason. I don't know if he is right as frequently I would apply the word paranoia to his position on things, but why else would people not be lining up in droves to take these tests?

    One thing of note-I don't think any of the financial aid programs pay for the CLEP/DANTE tests. Those people would have to pay the testing fees as opposed to just taking the class where the tuition fees/books are covered.

    I looked back to see how much the CLEP fee was when I took the tests-$35, as opposed to $200/hour for tuition at that time. The 20 hours I got from CLEP cost $245 as opposed to the $4000 tuition would have cost me.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    I'm currently enrolled in University of Phoenix online for the ADN to MSN option and love it - you might consider it. The classes are only 5 weeks in length - so it is pretty fast paced, but you can go from ADN to MSN in less than 3 years - which for me was the best option. Good luck. Oh - have also done cleps way back in the 80's and most are pretty easy.