Cleaning Nursing Shoes - page 2

My new Nursing shoes were creeping me out. After a couple of weeks they'd been through nearly every kind of body fluid and I just wanted to throw them out...yuck, yuck, yuck! I didn't even want to... Read More

  1. by   augigi
    The insides dry and don't smell. Have washed running shoes heaps of time with no problems. Don't have to disinfect the washer if you had bleach in there - it's already done!
  2. by   can
    Just an FYI, I bleached my white Danskos after having them covered in blood and they turned yellow. It was worth it to get rid of all the germs but now they look bad. I've never tried it, but what about Cavicide whipes?
  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Yep...I just used a splash or so of bleach. I had put a space heater close by and a fan to help them dry quicker. No smell.
  4. by   prmenrs
    When I had leather nursing shoes, I would clean them w/bar soap and water.

    I'd take the laces out and wash them w/soap and water, too. Just washed them in my hands w/bar soap, rinsed, squeezed the water out, and hung them up. For the shoes, I put some bar soap on a wet washcloth, and scrubbed them down, including the place where the soles were attached and the tongue of the shoes. Rinsed them the same way. Then I put the shoes on a paper towel on the counter to dry.

    After they were dry, I applied white polish ("Sani-White"--had a woman w/ a nsg cap on the label), let it dry thoroughly, then buffed it w/a dry wash cloth, put the dry laces in. They looked quite spiffy!

    I usually did this drill in hte kitchen, then washed the counter down when I was done.