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90 out of 300 gets picked for RN program at our 2 year college. How do they choose students for RN program? grades etc...? :eek:... Read More

  1. by   LaceyA.
    I wish my school... a university, picked students based on their GPA, hard work, and experience, but no! This semester they had so many students eligable for the program (meaning that prereqs. were all taken (including 13 credits of chemistry) and passed with a min. of a 2.7 or a C) that they drew names out of a hat! Like a lottery... it made a lot of hard working 4.0 and 3.5 students really mad when they didn't get in but someone with a 2.7 did! I got in, but I wish it was based on my hard work and GPA, and not just the luck of the draw.
  2. by   SC RN
    Originally posted by spacenurse
    I have been told public Associate degree programs in California have a lottery system. That is supposed to end discrimination against the late bloomers and ESL students.

    When I applied it was GPA, SAT, and letters of recommendation. I improved my GPA by taking a 5 unit class while working full time nights and being Mom to Jr. High and and High school kids. That 'A' sent me to the top of the waiting list. The letters from nursing managers and supervisors where I worked as an LVN helped too. I went from 3.6 to 3.7. Enough to get in.

    Now there are state sponsored scholarships and loans that are forgiven if you work in certain areas after graduation. They give preference to LVNs and certified nursing assistants because the drop out rate is lower for them.
    My BSN program was easy to get in. No clinical so BIG classes.
    Yep, it's a lottery. Sigh.
  3. by   Jen2
    It's a branch campus of PSU. I was very lucky to get accepted this time around (got turned down last fall). I am considered non-traditional, which is the largest category. Needless to say that I know of High School seniors that have not even graduated from high school yet that got their acceptance letter b4 me, and I had all the pre-reqs done with a 3.7 GPA. Sometimes I think it's just like anything else, it's who you know. When I applied for this fall, I had a physician that I used to work for write me a letter of recommendation. I don't know if that helped me, but it didn't hurt either.
  4. by   KristinWW
    Space, I'm confused - UC eliminated undergrad nursing but has BSN? Meaning they only have the RN to BSN program? That's serious - small schools follow the big schools. Is this really true??
  5. by   KristinWW
    Jen, Great Valley or are you in another neck of the PA woods?

    Wow, all this talk of lotteries - depressing. Don't agree with that.
  6. by   Jen2
    Close to Pittsburgh.
  7. by   AllieElizAbeth
    I seen an article that they are moving all Nursing programs to BSN, MSN, NP, CNS, and PHD in nursing. you got at least have BSN in nursing.
  8. by   redwinggirlie
    I'm a new grad and when I got in, they took all applicants.... word is there weren't that many who were qualified. They say they don't work on a lottery, but rather look at the number of prerequisites you have completed. Some of which are mandatory for you to have done before you even think of applying. If you can, apply to all the schools in your area if you are pressed for time and just want to start. Me? I had the choice of two schools, but opted and waited for the better of the lot. I didn't have to wait. at all.....
  9. by   LeesieBug
    Our school goes strictly by GPA. After completing all pre-reqs you apply to the college of nursing. Then after spring grades are posted they simply rank you by GPA and the top 140 get in. HOWEVER, quite a few of the open spaces are taken by "direct admit" high school seniors. If their GPA is high enough (3.5 THINK) they can apply for this and be guaranteed a space. I find this to be discriminatory.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Our program made their choices based on : pre-req's done ( you had to have them ALL done really); grades, ACT scores and experience in medical field (e.g. CNA, Tech, etc). That is what I know; if there were other criteria (minority status, being male, etc) I did not know of it.