CHOC 2018 Spring Residency

  1. I have been anxiously waiting for CHOC to open their application period for a summer start date to their new grad residency program!! I thought I would start this thread to keep us all up to date!
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  3. by   mw0603
    Thanks for getting this started! Have you heard anything about summer start date or when the application opens?
  4. by   camilles93
    I emailed the recruiter a few weeks ago and she told me be on the look out at the beginning of May
  5. by   mw0603
    Quote from camilles93
    I emailed the recruiter a few weeks ago and she told me be on the look out at the beginning of May
    Thanks so much, Camille! Appreciate you keeping us all up-to-date
  6. by   camilles93
    Of course!!! Us new grads have got to stick together!
  7. by   camilles93
    Applications for the CHOC RN Residency is May 15-22nd. I saw this information posted on their website about a week ago. It says we can apply to one unit, read the whole posting carefully, and this residency's start date is August 13th, 2018! Good luck to us all!
  8. by   baearea
    Thank you for starting this thread! I applied to Hematology/Oncology today.
  9. by   Ari0
    Thank you for starting this group. I was applying to the post-op yesterday. I couldn't attach my resume to the actual position that i'm applying for. I only was able to attach the resume to my profile. Are these both same?
  10. by   camilles93
    I believe so. According to past cohort threads, this is what the applicants were instructed to do per HR. They all attached their resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation all in their profile. I have done the same.
  11. by   Ari0
    Thanks Camilles93! That was new to me. I started thinking that they may actually don't care much about resume or the other attachments at this stage! I'll attach them to my profile anyway.
  12. by   pedzRN
    I'm confused. No where did it prompt uploading letters of recc and cover letters in the app?
  13. by   baearea
    @pedzRN They didn't prompt uploading additional documents in the app, so I just added them all in my profile after I submitted.
  14. by   mw0603
    Did you all list your individual clinicals under work experience or just on your resume under your profile? I'm concerned our resumes might be overlooked since they are not directly attached to the application, and want to make sure clinicals associated with the unit I am applying to are highlighted. Feels strange to put clinicals under work experience though since they weren't my job/I wasn't paid. Any insights into how you approached this are appreciated