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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here is a member of this nursing organization? If you are, I would love to know more about it and what has your experience with them been like. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   NeoNurseTX
    i have no clue what that one is..but i'm a member of sigma theta tau...whatever it is that they do.
  2. by   nurse4117
    Thanks for your did raise the heads of the unintelligent. Am glad you received the correct information about the organization.
  3. by   shrimpchips
    Although this is an old threat, I would still like to contribute...

    liberalrn, as newbsn mentioned, Chi Eta Phi is not a new organization - it has been around for awhile! It is predominantly African-American but we do not discriminate - you can be of any ethnic background and join. At my school, Chi Eta Phi is mostly Caucasian than African-American (and I definitely don't mean that in a bad way, I'm just saying!) - so I guess the variety in ethnicity also varies by school. Requirements to join vary based on your school; at mine, you need to be enrolled in a nursing program, already completed one semester and either have a 2.75-3.0 GPA average (I don't remember which one it was lol). Although we are called Chi Eta Phi, Inc. Sorority, we do allow males into the organization, but males aren't as common. We got our first male member at my school in spring 2009. I became an official member earlier this fall. Although my time in Chi Eta Phi has been short, I love this organization - it's filled with great people and it's a nice resume builder, too! I think now employers are becoming more interested in activities that you are involved with in school (such as Chi Eta Phi).

    Our motto is "Service For Humanity" - we try to do nursing-related things, but really anything that follows are motto are things that we do. Although it wasn't exclusively Chi Eta Phi, Chi Eta Phi members volunteered at a flu shot clinic earlier this semester. We have a community service project each semester; this semester's project was called "Kovers for Kids," where we made fleece tie blankets ( and at the end of this semester we will be donating them to a homeless shelter. Each member was required to buy fleece materials and make their own blanket (depending on the price of the fleece, $30-$40), with one side a solid color and the other side having a pattern - the colors and patterns were our choice. The two pieces of fleece needed to 1 3/4 yard. In addition to each member making their own blanket, we also went out and bought more fleece with our funds and held "blanket making days" where we made them - we have over 100 blankets to donate!

    It truly is a good organization. If you have any other questions about Chi Eta Phi, please feel free to PM me