Cheating In School

  1. just read a long thread about lowering the standards etc. for people with special needs. how about cheaters. i went to school with quite a few people who were not only sharing notes from the previous semester, but also test answers, fully written care plans, magazine reports. i know that this is cheating, that is not my question. my question is, isn't it better for someone to have to work very hard for a 73% and be passed, than to achieve by cheating. please don't get me wrong, i am in no way saying that all the 4.0 people are cheating, but quite a few people in my class SHARED answers. i think that it is wrong, but didn't have many on my side. any one else experience this, and feel that they are quite alone in feeling that this is wrong. i don't want to work on the floor with people who cheated their way through school. i think that these are the truly dangerous people, not my co-workers who occasionally ask me to help them with a drug calculation. take care and have a great week.........
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  3. by   Shamrock
    OUT with the trash!
  4. by   NurseShell
    We had a girl first semester that was caught "cheating" and she was asked to leave!!! Good riddance!!

    This stuff is too important to cheat!!!
  5. by   nursbee04
    I would rather fail than have to pass knowing that I cheated my way through. Personally, I work hard for MYSELF, and anyone who has the guts to ask me for test questions or careplans has it coming. I'm working towards my ADN degree and no one else's.

    I agree with you, cokie. If you are willing to cheat in school, who knows what you'll be willing to do once you graduate and get out on your own.
  6. by   Disablednurse
    If you cheat in nursing school, what will you be like working on the floor? Will you make up vital signs, I/Os, etc. That is also cheating. How dependable will that make her?
  7. by   colleen10
    For a profession that as a whole holds in high regard certain personality qualities like professionalism, honesty, etc. I think it's horrible that they are allowed to stay and I certainly wouldn't want to work with them.
  8. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Agree with everyone here, although I don't consider sharing lecture notes cheating.

    The instructors talk so fast, it's hard to take notes. The lectures remained the same year to year in my program. A former student shared his notes that he had put on disc with us. We all had them. This helped because now we could actually listen to the lectures, follow-along with our pre-printed notes, and highlight, instead of trying to take notes as fast as possible.

    I have a friend whose wife is a podiatrist. He told me that all the lecture notes for his wife's medical school classes were available for purchase at the college bookstore.

    As for cheaters, what losers. Get 'em out of nursing school!
  9. by   SirJohnny

    It is perfectly legal to "share" notes from the previous semester, and the current semester. It is also perfectly legal to share exams from previous semester.

    In fact, at Penn State University, you can purchase previous year's exams from the univ book store (I did this for a chem class I was taking back in 1982). Also, had biology prof give me exams that he gave from previous years. He did this for anyone who went to his office and asked for a copy.

    Just reporting what I experienced at both Penn State and at Univ of Pittsburgh.

    I agree with you on the issue of "cheating" during an actual exam, these folks should be shown the door.

    John Coxey
  10. by   emily_mom
    Um, if they cheat through school, do you honestly believe they can pass boards? We talked about this here before, but I'll put in my .02 again.

    I turned in a cheater. She is still in the program, although a semester behind. A friend had clinical with her, and her skills/bedside manner is atrocious.

    She should have been booted out and not gained re-entry. And why in the heck is she being floated through clinicals? She is just a nasty woman....poor hygiene, very unkempt in general. Just don't get it.

    I work hard for my grades. While I've lost my 4.0, I have never even thought of cheating. It just makes me mad.
  11. by   JENZEL75
    When i was in nursing school we had 5 students who cheated through the whole program.... gusess where they are now???
    1 lost her license for a huge med error....3 keep losing jobs due to med errors....and ? drug problems... and the last person overdosesd at the hospital she was working in.......and died.....
  12. by   RNonsense
    Jeez. How sad. I was just about to post that 4.0 students still have to pull it all together in clinical...
    It has been my experience that the cheaters are weeded out pretty fast.
  13. by   New CCU RN
    While cheating on an exam, handing in papers that have been written by someone else, and other forms of dishonest behavior when an assignment, test, quiz is supposed to be done without the help of another person is not excusable. Let's define cheating.

    I agree with John that there is nothing cheating about using old notes and old tests and quizzes from prior years. I was a tutor for the younger students in the nursing program I was in and this is exactly what the teachers told us to do. If the teachers are using the same exact test year in and out...well they aren't good teachers.
  14. by   Katnip
    We had students cheating in classes during our first semster. And I mean they never tried to hide it. They had notes and books wide open during an exam. Nothing was done. They are graduating this semester.

    Another incident involved two women who, during an exam starting talking to each other in their native language. The teacher failed them both. They appealed, saying the instructor had no idea what they were saying, therefore she could not prove they were cheating. Mind you, they never said they were innocent, just that it couldn't be proven. They, too, are graduating this semester.

    The whole thing disgusts me, but it had to do with politcal correctness and not making the school look bad.