CGFNS Credentials Eval Service: Brit Diploma RN credit transfer

  1. I am a British trained Diploma in Higher Education Adult Branch nursing studies RN who works in the USA. Are there any nurses over here that took the same course, and had there transcripts evaluated by the CGFNS CES. I am thinking about going back to school but are concerned that I wont get any credit for my Diploma. If you have had the same experience let me know how many credits you received.

    I has been a very frustrating five years trying to get my transcripts evaluated, the CGFNS are a strange organisation.

    Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   rn to be
    I would also like to work in nursing in the states in california or texas can you tell me how I could go about this and how you went about working in the states.
  4. by   suzanne4
    If CGFNS approved your classes so that you could work in the US, then you met the requirements with the appropriate amount of hours and your credits should be accepted. If the BON approved the classes for giving you a lciense you should be okay. The problem will actually be how long ago that you took some of your classes. Some programs will only accept classes completed within the last 5 years, some 10 years, etc.

    Hope that this helps....................
  5. by   mattsmom81
    From my experience, British Diploma nurses have the same problems as the US Diploma nurses.

    I'm an American trained Diploma RN. Baccalaureate programs vary in their willingness to acknowledge our diploma training. I have had responses ranging from zero to partial credits on review of my transcripts, even though my prereqs were taken at a university just like the BSN's, some will not even acknowledge those as they were 'through' the diploma program. Some want me to essentially completely retrain. Some universities do offer Diploma to BSN bridges.

    I've decided its a money grab and declined to pursue my BSN in the end as I don't feel a great need to move into roles requiring more initials than RN. But if you really want it, interview in various universities and do check out the online programs as well. Some work with Diploma nurses more than others I'd wager, depending on how badly they want your $$.

    A British trained friend of mine ran into the same problems I did (very few credits transfer)and we both decided to stay plain ol' diploma RN's....we didn't care to pay big bucks to repeat most of our training. Good luck to you and hope you get better results than we did....maybe things have changed as this was over 10 yrs ago.
  6. by   rn to be
    Thank you for your reply

    Although I have not embarked on training yet I was contemplating training in the states. however from all the responses I have met relating to the Nclex exam as scared me. Is it that difficult? Also I hold a Bsc already in public health would it make a difference to me if I embark on a BSN or a diploma route?
  7. by   powel_44
    I agree that CGFNS is a weird organization. If you are meeting a problems that doesnt accredit your units youd earned, one piece of advice, take or pursue a BSN curriculum. In america there are many courses/degrees in Nursing. It is very conflicting during evaluation if it is has to be accredited. Plus if your did not earned your nursing course in US with other form of education, chances of organization not to accept. Because BSN is the only course that is really recognized by the CGFNS, US, Canada, Europe, Saudi, Australia or all countriues or any agencies. That's why filipino nurses are leading in importing from Philippines. Because it is fit and apt in rendering care to the patients. And one thing, the products of this curriculum has emphasized more in functions of collaboration with other health practitioners.

    What could be the reason why in your case with the CGFNS?

    I hope i can give u an information that's why CGFNS fails to accrredit certain units.