1. Hello,
    I had been a RN for 10 yrs but then when my last child was almost due I packed and moved our 3 kids and belongings to another state. Not realizing my license was going to expire. I now have 97 ceu's to be done in 1 yr in order to be reinstated. I have not worked for 8 yrs. I would like to know of some trustworthy, affordable online sites. Any ideas?
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  3. by   suebird3
    there is medscape...have to join the site, but worth it. what about a refresher course? and have you tried any local community colleges? nursing journals such as nursing2006 or http://www.nursingspectrum.com/? also, google the term "ceu's".

  4. by   leslie :-D

    you can get 30 ceus for as little as $30.
    they are reliable, nationally accepted and have many topics.

    best of everything.

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    You pay $29.95 for one year's use of the website.
    Unlimited CEU's.
    You could get all you need here.
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