Caught something yucky at work

  1. NOT asking for any medical advice here, I already have been to my doctor and derm, just asking for Personal experinces here.
    I caught scabies from a nursing home patient from the OR and I am the only one who was fortunate enough. I am immunocompromised from a chemo med I take for a condition. Anyhow, I have beem treated several times with the cream RXed by the doc and even had a couse of the oral treatment. I just wanted to know if anyone has had this and when does the itching go away! I have been itching for two months(5 weeks of undiagnosed, misdiagnosed...)
    I am going batty. Thanks.
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  3. by   sharann
    Guess I am the only one.
  4. by   ktwlpn
    Hi-sorry for your misfortune.We had a severe outbreak of scabies in the LTC a few years ago (it coincided with an outbreak in the general public-those buggers were everywhere) The staff were treated prophylactically several times and I suspect I did have them once.I responded fast to the topical treatment and benadryl for the itching.Several of our immunocompromised residents had to be treated for the rest of their lives (sorry about that) We sent them to an infectious disease specialist and he managed their care. With your problems I think it would be wise for you to do the same if the situation does not resolve itself soon.. I understand that a healthy person may have just a few scabies on their bodies and that's why it's so often mis-diagnosed.It's hard to get them by scraping.An immunocompromised patient can have dozens of them and that's what they call "Norwegian scabies".. Our dementia residents really suffered-take care of yourself.Good luck
  5. by   TazziRN
    Oooooh, I feel for you. I've caught scabies from generous pts before and was miserable just for a few days....can't imagine dealing with that for weeks! No ideas but I hope you find relief soon.
  6. by   sharann
    Thanks guys. It is such a lonely feeling to have something that is common enough that the medical field is kind of clueless about. I just keep hoping for some end to it. I think what I now have is a post-scabies skin inflammation and irritation from the permethrin and Ivermectin. I am hopeful that it will leave soon!
    Thanks again.
  7. by   AfloydRN
    I got ringworm on my hand from a child I took care of in the ER. I can still see his face. I went to a couple of dermatologists to get rid of it. Such a nice little parting gift.
  8. by   Cattitude
    my pt' had scabies. thankfully i did not get it but his home aide did as well as one of his daughters. his other dtrs. did not.
    [color=#483d8b]one of my friends who is a nurse too got c-diff. i am sure if we all had our nares cultured you'd find mrsa and who else knows what!
  9. by   AfloydRN
    We probably all have MRSA anyway. Half the time we are exposed to patients and don't know what they have for days...then all the sudden you get " The Memo". All health care providers for patient x need to go to employee health for a screen and some meds. Lovely.
  10. by   sharann
    I feel so much better now, finally. I also found out that I am allergic to my down comforter(dang!). Now I know why the itching kept on! Just wanted to give an update
  11. by   Rabid Badger
    Caught something yucky at work last summer, too. I had a puncture under my thumbnail (gardening or whatever) and despite bandaging it and gloving and handwashing like hell, I picked up a bug in the puncture and wound up with a nasty case of cellulitis. Off work for 2 weeks, home IV for 4 days. That one moved up my arm fast, overnight, and I started getting systemic symptoms. Even developed some necrosis at the site. Yuck!
  12. by   Pat_Pat RN
    I had a resp. MRSA patient today at clinicals, and just last weekend a "new" TB patient (DX'd by two radiologists) I guess I'll get ANOTHER ppd injection.

  13. by   Anagray
    Hi there! I am so sorry for what you are going through! We had a patient with scabies admitted - she was covered! her face was crusty from it even. She was admitted with dx of " severe exzema" and it took me forever to get her isolated and for Md to believe me that I saw scabies not exzema. We were fortunate that noone else got it. I am so sorry for your bad luck
    The woman I took care of still itched after 3 months but she definitely got better and better and her face cleared to normal skin after numerous creams and treatments. You should get a break from it soon.
    Good luck!!
  14. by   Jennifer, RN
    I caught scabies from a friend of mine who worked at a summer camp one year and caught it from one of the kids. Very, very nasty little bugs!!!
    Make sure you wash all of your clothes, sheets, comforters, everything in scalding hot water. I took mine to a laundramat because the water at my house did not get hot enough (at least I didn't think so). Anything leather, such as jackets, etc...should be put in trash bag, sealed tightly, and put somewhere in storage (attic, garage) for a couple of months. If I am remebering correctly, they sell a spray or I got it from my doctor that you can use on your furniture. Scabies are literally body lice and can live in clothing, furniture for a few weeks.