Cancer of the heart muscle

  1. Have any of you ever cared for a patient that had an actual cancer arising from the heart muscle? I have taken care of patients where another cancer invaded the pericardium, but no one with a primary in the heart. This was a topic of discussion today and I told them that I would post it......

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  3. by   AcosmicRN
    No. I've never cared for anyone like that, or for that matter, seen anyone or heard of anyone with "heart cancer." Does it exist? In fact, is there any cancer that comes from muscle cells?

  4. by   Nurse Ratched

    Here's one example of cancer that arises from the muscle - yes, it's possible.

    Suzanne, I've not heard of anyone with cancer of the heart muscle personally, but I know enough to know my experience is pretty limited compared to that of our 35,000+ members . I'll be interested in hearing replies here.
  5. by   zacarias
    Quote from AcosmicRN
    ." Does it exist? In fact, is there any cancer that comes from muscle cells?
    Sarcoma = Cancer arising from connective tissue, bones, and muscles.
  6. by   suzanne4
    Interested to know if anyone has ever actually taken care of a patient
    with this.
    Quite rare, when it does exist...........
  7. by   nurseunderwater
    I was reading somewhere...i'll find it and post it....about cancer having a difficult time replicating in muscle cells because of their unique composition. ...searching...

    here's one....

    if you sign up for an account you can access more detailed abstracts.
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  8. by   caroladybelle
    Cancer can come from virtually any cell in the body. Though it is more common in cells that have a higher reproductive rate, it can occur in slower ones.

    Primary cardiac cancers are very rare but not unknown.

    Only two suspected primary cardiac cancer patients that I have known were Dx'd on autopsy...not much help to you.

    Try Sloan Kettering or MD Anderson - Houston website....or question Vanderbilt (large amounts of cancers in unusual presentations of unknown etiology.)
  9. by   NeuroICURN
    I've taken care of a patient that had heart cancer, but it was not the primary cancer. It was pretty scary to start at the heart rate in the 120s to 130s all night!