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I would like to know if anyone out there is experiencing what I am. OR, if anyone can give advice. I have worked at my hospital for 4 months, the first 8 weeks as a New Grad as I waited for my... Read More

  1. by   tiger
    yeah, i've just been told by my union rep that it looks like i will be paid in cal time and money for my injust call-off. i can't be 100% sure until i see it on my check. i will be so happy if my case goes through. they were wrong to call me off. sometimes administration needs to be put in there place.
  2. by   OzNurse69
    We never have a shortage of staff volunteering to take an annual leave day when it is quiet - maybe you could suggest to your admin that they look at offering these instead of just cancelling people without pay. Doesn't cost them any more, as they take the hours off your annual leave, but it means you still get paid.
  3. by   OC_An Khe
    The point is that they should not be able to cancel you at all. If you are hired for X hours per week then you should receive X hours per week. If the individual RN requests or truly volunteers to take time off that is fine providing it is the RNs choice. These slow periods are a legitimate cost of doing business, by calling off the RN they are transferring this cost to the individual RN (and there families) instead of absorbing this cost like other businesses and professions. How many senior management get sent home without pay if the census is low.
    We all know that as soon as staffing is reduced we will get admissions or a patient will go bad. What happens then.?Both the RN and patients are placed in an unsafe environment just so the employer can unjustly shift this legitimate cost of business to its employees and patients.
  4. by   tiger
    oznurse-i would get paid from my cal bank. i have 396 hrs on my last check plus 128 eib time. like to keep my cal above 300. now i'm working on getting my eib up high. i think if you get 700 hrs it starts transferring into your cal bank. that is not the point though. administration and this charge nurse were trying to take advantage of a situation. there are rules to be followed about call-offs and they wanted to disregard them for there own reasons. i filed my grievance because of the principal of the whole thing. any way please keep your fingers crossed for me and hope it goes throught the way union said it would. and ocankhe--you keep specifying rns in your comments. all staff should not have to be called off including rns, cnas, and lpns. but since it is the policy that it will happen it should be rotated fairly amongst all.
  5. by   Joybug
    Actually Ocankhe, the management where I work were all restricted fewer hours per week while the floor staff were not and even overtime for floor staff was not questioned during a recent time of low census. So, it does happen to management as well.
  6. by   OC_An Khe
    Guess one learns something new everyday. Makes life interesting. Joybug was that in Canada our your current posiion in states?
  7. by   RN-NICU
    How is this for crummy? ...Being cancelled for the FIRST 8 hrs of a 12 (7a-3p) but then being required to come in for the 3p to 7p portion because the eve shift is always short!!!!!
    And say, for example, you live 45 min away...
  8. by   semstr
    Wow, again I am amazed about the things possible!
    Well, when you are engaged for say 20 hours a week, you'll get paid for them. When there is nothing to do, where is that hospital?, you either come another day or you'll take one day off.
    But Staffnurses or whatever, can't force you to take days of or for that matter, send you home and pay less.

    most nurses on the ward work 12 hours shifts, we educators are lucky, I work 35 hours a week, and I can work max 10 hours a day, no weekends, no holidays. Very nice!
    And my pay isn't bad either, I get AS20.000 a month 14x a year, taxes and insurances included.
    (That goes automatically here, everybody is insured and pay taxes, when you are goverment)
  9. by   tiger
    well management is manipulating the hospital policy and refuse to pay me. the union disagrees and is now going to the next level of grievance and calling a hearing. please wish me luck.