Can anyone help with information about being a Nursing Auxiliary assistant?

  1. I am currentley looking for work, I am a Care Assistant. But I did some years back do a small amount of Auxiliary Nursing. I enjoyed that. Can anyone tell me more about the Assistant side of Auxiliary Nursing. I know that you will help but with what sort of things?, and if so is there any special training needed. I am From England. I know there are a lot of American Nurses on this board, but if there are any UK Nurses, please can you give me some information please. Thankyou.
    I am not saying that American Nurses cant answer me but as I live in the UK, Just thought that UK Nurses would be able to help me. Thankyou to who ever replys.
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    Another source of information might be the newsgroups and I know I have seen that term there.
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    Or your local Hospital Trust's Human Resources Dept.