Cahterization Questions.. and a big thanks!

  1. First of all I wanted to thank everybody who told me to go and change extern sites for my MA program. Im now working in a new office with doc's who are also Med Teachers.. its a great staff and they are all about learning.. Im working for a urologist

    which brings me to...

    How to Catheterize a Urinary Bladder for Urin samples

    This past week I observed five of them and the MD wants me to try one tommorow. (He will be there every step of the way talking me through it) Im a little nervous.. Any tips, hints etc that might help me through my fist one without looking like a total idiot in front of the MD? He prefers the Female MA's to do them only for the female patients.

    I figure it will get easier over time. I have to complete 10 of them with the MD there for legal and documentation reasons. and then its up to him if Im ready to fly solo after that. eek!

    He did however say that this will help me when I get to my RN program and I will thank him for getting me started.

    Thanks again for everything!
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  3. by   Ma_girl26
    Ack! and I spelled Catherization wrong Its been a LONG day..
  4. by   MHN
    Ma_girl, The best tip i can give you check an anatomy book so you know where you are supposed to be going .Then follow the steps you have seen the MD do.
    However First and foremost explain to the patient the procedure and if they don't understand the MD is there to help you and supervise you .
    Secondly put a small pillow between your knees so the knocking won't distract the patient.Best of Luck.
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  5. by   babynurselsa
    on females my instructor always said look for the bud. that is kinda what it looks like.
  6. by   prn nurse
    your own urinary meatus is.... standing in the shower with a mirror, and lying on the bed...both positions work pretty well. I catheterize about 6-8 females a day in E.R. The variation is amazing. You can ask the doc to point it out to you with a Q-tip.....that will be a help till you have done a few. Females who are overweight, had several babies, elderly, swollen, with old scars, with infections and rashes, and with herpes and genital warts all can present a challenge. I lie them flat, ask if they have been catheterized before, tell them I will explain as I go along, show them the cotton ball wipes and tell them this is a little cold, and what I am doing, and then tell them I am going to put the catheter in now.. and tell them it does not hurt. Try to alleviate anxiety. However , when I go to the urologist, he just wipes once and sticks it in, no explanation...nothing. There is always someone around who can hold the flashlight, support a leg in proper position, etc. and help "search" on the hard to find ones, so, are lucky to be working alongside "pros" who are supportive and willing to teach. In a month, your fears will be "history."
  7. by   TracyB,RN
    Important to always talk to the patient. When I cath anyone, I always have them do slow breathing, & have them breathe out as I am putting the cath in. It helps to distract them a bit.
  8. by   nursedawn67
    I have found sometimes instead of having the female on her back for the catherization having them on their sideand raising the top leg up makes it easier. This works for heavier women at times, and for someone who has had a stroke and cannot bend or bring their legs up. Anyhow...when you it, just take a deep breath and do it. Don't get discouraged if you can't get it the first time, sometimes it just takes practice, but you'll get it. Good luck.
  9. by   leesonlpn
    slipper bedpan upside down, under the hips and of course a mining hat with headlamp. Once I found a urethra inside a vagina. I was bud wiser.:roll
  10. by   amy
    Firstly, you will do fine. I always instruct women to let their knees fall outward and relax. I find that making people aware that if they tense their knees in or lift their lower back off the bed it makes it both harder for me and more uncomfortable for them. I often request they even concentrate on keping their lower back relaxed and flat on the bed. Hope this helps!