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I just started a new position running a clinic. The clinic is staffed by myself and one CNA. I am so happy to be working with this CNA as she has over 15 years experience working in this clinic and... Read More

    There are many countries that call their Senior Nurses Sisters and their undergraduate Nurses , Nurses. I found it to be the case when the British Schooling system is in place. In South Africa Im a licensed Sister, and in Egypt Im a Sister as well, But when Im in the states , My brother calls me sister........lol
  2. by   reddgott
    I just have to wonder if out there somewhere there is a "alldoctors.com" web site and the message board reads something like "but he's not a doctor".

    and some whiney-ass md is going on and on about "I worked my everliving tushy off for that stink'n degree and he's just a lowly pa, it's not fair blah blah blah, boo hoo hoo"

    people have way too much spare time nowadays dont they?:roll
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    Originally posted by reddgott
    I just have to wonder if out there somewhere there is a "alldoctors.com" web site and the message board reads something like "but he's not a doctor".

    and some whiney-ass md is going on and on about "I worked my everliving tushy off for that stink'n degree and he's just a lowly pa, it's not fair blah blah blah, boo hoo hoo"

    people have way too much spare time nowadays dont they?:roll
    You're right, I guess we DO have too much spare time.
    I guess I simply don't believe in misleading or LYING to patients AT ALL, especially about who is taking care of them, and, neither would this "whiney-ass md."
  4. by   trueblue
    True no one should portray a role they are not qualified to play, in all reality. Because when the crap hits the fan they will run to hide while you are left standing alone to defend whatever.

    I do believe that everyone is special in their place as far as the gift of caring for the ill.

    So get in where YOU fit in. Be proud of your accomplishments. If you want more (to use NURSE or duties of such, RN, LPN etc.) go get it , theres plenty of room for everyone.

    But thats just me.
  5. by   bungies
    Originally posted by Step

    I come from aussie too and we call a nurse a nurse.... sister is rather outdated isnt it sister??? but at least I am an EN (nurse)
    LOL - I'm from Aus too, and we use "Sister" as a kind of joke... in the way that Step just did.

    I think Flowerchild did the best thing she could; even bringing the subject up could lead to hurt feelings; just changing the brochures may be seen as insensitive, but I think it's more likely to be seen by patients and co-workers as updating. If the discussion is ever opened, you could bring up the litigation side of things, but it may never be...

    Kathy (RN)
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    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Just because you are you
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    Then we should try to get all the dictionaries change as well...
    IMHO RN or LPN is enough... Anyone can be a "nurse" (please look up the meaning in the dictionary) but not everyone can be a Registered NURSE or a Licensed Practical NURSE... That's why we have to go to school and get the education required in order to have the titles above (RN/ LPN) not the "NURSE" title...
    Not trying to start anything... Just stating how I see things...
  8. by   mattsmom81
    The liberal use of the term 'nurse' and the public's tendency to think everyone in a scrub is a 'nurse' does NOT benefit us as professionals. When nurses can get together on this, we will make some progress as professionals.

    It only helps management's bottom line...$$$$$.....and turfs responsibility for UAP's to the RN on duty. Who is benefitting????

    Follow the money...
    :roll I havent met too many Drs that werent whiney asses personally , and If there was a all Drs.com I want the addy and a pass word so I check the status of some of the Drs I have come across in my travels and years of doing Nursing . Just a thought.
  10. by   BBelle
    Austinheart, I once was a CNA and where I was trained they did not allow CNA's to give injections. Maybe they allow it where you live, but not where I live.
    And I am in no way saying that I am a nurse. (I posted that in a previous post) Some one on the board was just wondering what a CMA is qualified to do and I answered. And yes I do know the meaning(s) of everything that we, as CMA's, are allowed to do.
    We have to sit for a national exam just like you do. And if we don't pass it then we aren't nationally certified or registered.
    And I have busted my rump just like you have to finish my degree.
    You are in no way any better than I am, and I am in no way any better than you are.
    All of us here on this board are in the medical field. And I think that we should treat one another with respect. In the city that I live in, all medical personel treat one another with respect. It doesn't matter if one is a doctor, an orderly, or an EMT. No one gets treated with disrespect just because there credentials are lower than others.

  11. by   kimmee64
    I am a nurse. I also have 2 other college degrees. I don't see why this bothers you, if she is such great help to you. I know I am a good nurse and was also good in my other professions. It takes nothing away from you that they call this woman a nurse. To be honest it sounds like sour grapes to me. Apparently the doctor at this clinic doesn't mind and if we follow your way of thinking his opinion counts at least 3 times as much as yours since he is a doctor and you are just a nurse. Of course, I don't think this way, but some people do.
  12. by   inSANE
    I got an idea, how about if you print a pamphlet on your own and put Dr. Diane and see if she catches it. If she does, then say, "oops, I'm not a doctor, didn't go to school for it, and you aren't a nurse, you didn't go to school for it either."
    I guess this would ruffle feathers, and make your job a nightmare. I say drop it, unless she is going over her CNA boundries and attempting to practice like a nurse. She can be called anything she wants.......we all know we've been called a few things in our lifetime. It doesn't mean it's true tho'!
  13. by   flowerchild
    To all of you who question my motives and insinuate that my ego is involved in all of this: (edited comment). Although I appreciate everyones opinions, I think many have read into my posts something that is really not there. I do not think of Judy as my inferior. Nor do I think as a human being that I am better than she is.
    I am surprised to learn that the term "Nurse" is not held in the same regaurd and self respect, by other nurses, that I hold it to be. For as long as I have been a nurse, in my state, it has been and continues to be illegal for anyone to represent themselves, or to call themselves a nurse unless they have the education, passed the boards, and are licensed by the BON. I hold the use of the title Nurse in the same way I hold the use of Doctor, to be used for Doctors only, or in this case, for the use of nurses only. Those titles do command the respect that the holders of these titles have earned and deserve and is retrospective of the knowledge that is obtained by becoming a professional in the health care system.
    I do not apologize for my belief that only licensed nurses should use the term nurse, as this is what I have been taught.... and have learned by reading the bulletins that my BON sends me, showing all those who have been arrested and prosicuted for impersonating nurses.
    I am surprised that so many nurses on this BB do not think that we nurses deserve to hold that title and use of that title as exclusivly for us. It's no wonder our employers are able to get away with all that they do....We let them.....and we think it's OK....All those little things are no big deal right? Untill you add them altogether and actually open your eyes to see the big picture.
    BTW, I RUN THE CLINIC ANYWAY I WANT TO, I HAVE NO DOCTOR TELLING ME WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO RUN THE CLINIC. All decisions are mine and I will take full responsibility and accountability for everything that happens at the clinic, weather I did it or not, weather I even know about it or not. (Believe me, I want to keep Judy on my side!) I can do what ever I see fit to protect myself and those who I am supervising. I am responsible for EVERYTHING that Judy does and anyone else who comes into the clinic, including other nurses. Judy does not have a license to protect. She does not have a license to do what she does without me.
    There is NO Doctor!!! I get my orders from the patients primary physician, who I never see in person. I tell the primary what I want and need, fax him the order, and he signs it. I am very autonomous and therefore I am in a very high liability situation. I must do what is legal, despite any feelings that many of you think I might have. I will spell it out again, I will do what ever it takes to CYA me and Judy. Judy is absolutly the most wonderful, knowledgable, experienced, helpful, kind, CNA I have ever had the privledge to work with. I am honored to work with her. And VERY happy to have her on my team. I would never do anything to purposly deciet, hurt, or otherwise be mean to her or anyone that I work with. I love my job, have worked many years to get where I am today and wouldn't do anything to jepordize that, including allowing Judy to use the term nurse, when it is against the law! I have descreetly changed the handouts so that neither of our names are at the bottom. We can sign them as we go. She can sign her name and title and I can sign mine. Problem solved. My nametag says RN and hers says CNA and has since day one. So that is not a problem either. I do not need to toot my own horn by letting everyone know about me, my background, or even my title in respect to hers, as I would not hold the position that I have without my background, many years of experience in my specialty, and level of education. I think being descreet about the whole situation, after I have learned all the ins and outs and who's who, is the best way to handle it. Shouting from the roof tops, about some injustice, that does not exist, is not my cup of tea.
    If people who read my posts think it's no big deal, well, YOUR WRONG! I am not making too much out of this situation. There is a very real threat to the clinic, the company I work for, myself and perhaps most of to Judy herself.
    Oh! and Thank you to everyone who appreciated the true nature of this post and to those who stand up for Nurses and all that it entails! Love Ya!