Bummed..might have foot stress fracture!

  1. Hi nurses:

    Not seeking medical advice..just bummed. I've been having foot pain all week and went into the MD today..and she thinks I may have a stress fracture..so it's strict relaxing for two weeks except when at work. I am going to a wedding and family reunion next week and also am off this weekend. It's finally warmish enough to go outside in shorts!!! I always seem to hurt myself enough to feel a bit hurt, but not enough to buy myself a break from work. I'm really surprised at this..I thought maybe it was a pinched nerve or something. I exercise regularly and work on a busy med-surg floor, but it's not like I run ten miles a day or something.

    Ideas on how to become a better slug? (I usually run a million miles an hour)
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  3. by   Be_Moore
    Buy better shoes! Something with a lot of cushion. I feel your pain on this one...I have a tendency to bruise my heels because I walk hard and fast. Just make sure you are wearing shoes with good support and cushion to help absorb the impact of walking.
  4. by   Sonjailana
    I wear Danskos and new balance ?!?
  5. by   cherrybreeze
    I am (finally!) recovered from a tibial stress fracture that I got in June (from running...or trying to run, I had just started!). Had severe knee pain even at rest, finally had an MRI that lit up with microfractures and edema in the top of my shinbone. I was off of work 2 months on STD, because they couldn't accomodate my restrictions (sedentary work). I work on a busy med surg floor also; I'm surprised you can work on it....I had no relief from pain until I was off it completely (crutches the first couple weeks after diagnosis).

    I'm sorry you're dealing with this...it SUCKS! Who would think such a tiny fx could be such a big pain in the arse?
  6. by   Kymmi
    I am also surprised you are working but let me say be very careful unless you really do want the time off work I had a stress fracture left 5th metasaral and was in a air boot and crutches for 6 weeks...thought it healed and went back to work then 2 months later a complete fracture same bone which reguired surgery with screw placement for repair and off work x 6 months.
    Good luck and take things easy.
  7. by   onetiredmomma
    Since I do slug well....get caught up on reading, delve into a favorite hobby you don't usually have time for, think of weird things to look up on the internet....Agree with other posters tho' , baby that foot so it doesn't get worse! It really is hard to be an active person on restricted movement , even I know that! good luck and if you have kids let them take care of you!
  8. by   higginsk
    when i was younger i got one of those and it was awful it hurt and they put a cast on my foot that was past my knee good luck
  9. by   husker_rn
    Just take care of the foot so it doesn't get any worse. Mid-March sustained a tibial fracture along with wrist fracture. Luckily I work at a facility that will welcome me back next week....only been there 9 months. Know not everyone is that lucky.
  10. by   3boysmom3
    Just now warm enough to wear shorts?!?!? Don't know where you are, but it sure isn't South Texas!!! It's been shorts weather here since March, and now is too hot to even safely stay outdoors for any length of time during the heat of the day.

    I haven't had a fracture but have had all sorts of foot problems- Morton's neuromas, plantar fasciitis, shortened achilles tendon, etc. I have had more steroid injections than I care to count, as well as one voodoo type treatment by my podiatrist that involved drawing my blood and reinjecting the plasma into my heel--- anyway, I think that we nurses are very prone to foot injuries. I agree with the others- take your time and take it EASY on that foot. Once you start having problems with it, it can go downhill from there. The stress fracture could lead to other issues if you don't let it heal well and properly.