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Hi everyone....Just wondering: I was on leave from work to have gall bladder surgery, and I was looking forward to my annual review when I returned. I felt it would be a good one and I also... Read More

  1. by   Simplepleasures
    In the 27 years I worked in LTC, I NEVER was present when the evaluation was being made. It was merely presented to you after the fact and you were told to sign it.End of story.
  2. by   jennyfyre
    I was just asked to provide feedback on a co-worker who just had valve replacement surgery... and have it done by next week. She's not due back for another 5 weeks!
  3. by   Unappreciated
    That's too bad you were never present for your eval's but in my 15 years I 've had both experiences...always depends on what hospital/org. or Dr.'s office you work for!! Not end of story.
  4. by   Retired R.N.
    Quote from RunningWithScissors
    This will put a huge target on your back as well; if you do this, be prepared to deal with the consequences. Bosses don't like to be challenged. You can be easily replace with a new grad, esp. once you start taking medical leave and the like.
    Once you have had an evaluation that you didn't have a chance to discuss with an opportunity to accept or reject, you already have a target on your back. Unless you have an exceptionally strong union, you need to get your resume up to date, and start a discreet search for your next job, especially if you work in an "at will" employment state. The first thing a prospective employer will want to know is the name of your present employer.

    If you work for a Group One member, don't contact members of a national chain that has facilities in other states. If you do, you may find that your present employer is notified immediately that you are planning to leave.
  5. by   Meerkat
    Quote from jojotoo
    Just where did you go to recover from your surgery that there wasn't a phone? The moon?
    Oh hee hee. You are so funny. The moon! Good stuff there.

    OF COURSE there was a phone there. Nevermind that I was in la-la land on account of the narcotics. That would have made for a great review, I'm sure.
  6. by   sphinx
    I was out on disability when mine was done, too. It had to be done because their was a time limit. My boss e-mailed me the documents which I filled out (the self eval). I copied them on my scanner and e-mailed them back. Not long after, we spoke on the phone to go over it.
  7. by   phoenix72
    Quote from meownsmile
    Reviews , especially when they are connected to a raise are a formality. The raise you get is pretty much predetermined depending on budget unless you have been quite outstanding 100% of the time or you have been completely incompetent.
    Most raises that are connected to a evaluation are based on a point system and all performance levels have a predetermined value unless there is something that repeatedly stands out about you that the others dont have. Remember its in the budget and everyone gets to have a raise so if they give you more, its going to take away from someone else. Thats why any raise connected to a evaluation is pretty much never going to change.
    You can go discuss your performance with your manager/supervisor but dont expect it to change anything on your evaluation that would change the amount of your raise. It rarely to NEVER happens. Thats why they went ahead and did it without you, there isnt anything you could add that would change your raise. And thats pretty much the only reason they have them is because they have to document the basis for your raise. Its formality when it concerns raises.
    Be glad they didnt wait till you got back, it got your wage increased sooner.
    I hate to say it, but this is very true. I worked in HR until quitting to go back to school. I was horrified with my last raise. I had been praised by everybody and their father about my quick turnaround and outstanding service. Yet, I got the smallest raise in my department because we were only allotted a certain increase percentage and there were a few others who needed to be adjusted to be brought up to the minimum for their level. I ended up getting less than a guy who spent all his time at his girlfriend's house in another city while he was supposed to be "in the field". This is when I decided HR wasn't for me. What happened to the ideology of you reap what you sew? Anyway, I'm certain that the review needed to be turned in at a certain time to get the raise in the system. However, you should be given a formal meeting to discuss it. There is always a case for an adjustment if need be. Ugh! I hate corporate politics!!!
  8. by   ICRN2008
    Quote from RunningWithScissors
    My last one was done in pencil and I HAD to sign it. I made a copy of it, though.
    The same thing happened to me the first year out of school, and the following year the manager turned in our reviews almost a month before she met with us to talk about them. She also let her supervisor (the overall lab manager) make changes to our evaluations even though she had only met us maybe once or twice. Needless to say I am no longer working for that manager.

    My overall impressions of reviews up to this point is that they are rarely comprehensive or insightful. And no matter what the comments have been, my raise has always been the same- pitiful (2-3% on average).
  9. by   debibeth
    Honestly! Did no one think to notify you about the up-coming review? It's really not that hard to make a simple phone call. Now if I read this right you were out on medical leave due to surgery; the last time I looked gall bladder surgery did not effect the brain, ears or mouth. Although you weren't able to go back to a work you might at least be able to attend important meetings. I would request another or at least an additional time to allow you to provide you your right to critique the review.Have you ever had a non-healthcare professional do your review? Its incredibly frustrating to have a boss whose entire knowledge of nursing comes from being a patient and from TV shows! So I can emphatise with you a llot--- Good Luck
  10. by   Alois Wolf
    OMG I just went through something similar. I was was getting my interim-PES (I forget what it stands for but it's an evaluation none the less) and my supervisor had told me that I had failed on customer service and teamwork because I had been calling out a lot (granted I was ill and taking my dad to radiation therapy half the time) but said I still passed. So I goes ahead signs all the paperwork thinking she'll check the right boxes corresponding to teamwork and customer service... boy did I get a slap in the face when I got my copy of my PES back.

    The PES was done on the 5th, I had gotten into a ridiculously small bump accident with another vehicle and the driver had called the cops. I had a scratch the size smaller than that of a sewing needle and so did the other guy. Well they are trying to put me in for suspension because of it. This happened on the 14th. I had been building up a good case in my defense with the Union and when I go to read my PES she says that I don't follow directions, that I don't alert her in the face of an emergency. That I don't fasten cliens in with seat belts and much worse. Granted it's a check list and all this negative stuff fell under 2 boxes... but wow... to make such a bad mistake that other people are going to be look at... I was furious.

    She was off for the weekend and I wrote her a very respectful but strong worded letter and I'm going in tonight to get the results.... hopefully she's not hard head it because if I have to I will write her up.