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Just curious to know who has tattoos and piercings in places that are visible when at it allowed? Or do you know/work with someone who does? And by piercings I mean tongue studs, lip... Read More

  1. by   Audreyfay
    Tattoos are jewelry and adornment that does not come off. If you like it, enjoy it. But keep it tasteful. I know all of us care for older people at times. They tend to think tattoos mean a person is "wild." As long as they aren't seen, or don't disrupt the appearance, big deal. I have one. It's a small delicate red rose on my chest 1"long x 1/4" wide. I try to keep it hidden, but it peeks out if I wear an open neck. But, I like it and don't mind that it's there. Now...the one on the back? IMHO if the back shows when someone bends over, they need a longer top! Call me old-fashioned. :uhoh21:
  2. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I have a small tattoo on my lower back. no one has seen it except for dh and best friend.

    I work w/ a male RN whose arms are covered w/ tattoos. The company requires him to wear long sleeves at all times.

    I have worked w/ CNAs who have facial piercings. Although I like the look of the piercings, I feel it is totally inappropriate when working with the elderly.
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Originally posted by Hellllllo Nurse
    I have worked w/ CNAs who have facial piercings. Although I like the look of the piercings, I feel it is totally inappropriate when working with the elderly.

    I agree.
  4. by   mfdteacher
    I know I'll catch it for this...but why in the world does anyone think that self mutilation enhances their looks? It strikes me as pretty barbaric to make holes in your body to hang things from or to make indelible images that are pretty permanent. I wonder what the next fad will be and how many will be driven to do just like everyone else. And if the pierced and tatooed "professional" shows up at my bedside, I will respectfully ask for another nurse, perhaps one that at least follows the fads in private and doesn't display everything. And yes, those misbegotton souls in the ER will grab anything they can, why give them a handle?
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Originally posted by mfdteacher
    And yes, those misbegotton souls in the ER will grab anything they can, why give them a handle?

    LMAO :roll
  6. by   kyti
    I have my tongue pierced and wear a gold stud while at work. I work pacu no one says anything. I have had it for 7 yrs and never a problem. Also have 3 tattoos. 2 not visable (on my back and leg) 1 sm one visable on my upper chest/neck when I wear v-neck clothing. Have had these for many yrs no one ever had a problem with it.
  7. by   cbj066
    Our corporate policy prohibits visible tattoos and piercings other than ears, however, it's not really enforced.

    That being said, I almost have quarter-sleeves on my arms, which extend maybe an inch or so past my scrubs. I also have some small Japanese lettering on the inside of each wrist. I make it a point to wear long sleeves whenever I go to meeetings or give classes, but other than that, I wear my scrubs at work. I also have my nipples pierced, and yes, they did hurt...sort of like a white-hot bolt of lightning shooting through my body at the time....

    I understand and appreciate the "professional" appearance viewpoint, but I'm also not going to wear long sleeve shirts to cover one inch of a tattoo, because it might offend someone. If you want to criticize my apperance rather than let me take care of you, it's your loss. I won't lose any sleep.
  8. by   lunakat
    Originally posted by dreamon
    I have a piercing...but only visible by my husband if you know what I mean !! LOL
    Does anyone have any breast piercings? I'm considering doing mine.
    Ya I have both n*pples done and the same one only your husband can see (if I am getting this right, if not I am a perv :imbar). If this is one you gyno would see to then ya. So if you have one of those and are considering getting your breasts, the one you have already is the most painful. So getting you breasts done is a cake walk. The 2nd one hurst more than the first, only becasue your body know whats coming. Had them done for about 2 yrs. If you have any questions send me a message...
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Have no desire to have a needle stuck through my breasts or any other such sensitive area that if a wrong nerve were hit that i'd miss dearly. If anyone ever heard of me getting either done, rest assured, there was a gun to my head.
  10. by   Tink RN
    If you pull the policy book where I work and blow the dust off of it, I think it states you may wear one pair of stud earrings and no visible tattoos. Just as someone else stated previously, it is by no means inforced.
    I myself have multiple peircings and one tattoo. Even though I advocate freedom of expression in ones personal life, I choose to maintain a professional image at work. My tattoo nor my peircings are visible when I am at work. Not because of any policies or fear of how others may perceive me - just simply a personal choice of mine. Guess my NURS 101 instructor that hated my free spirited persona did have some impact on me after all.
  11. by   GERINRS
    I have two tattoos, both hidden in scrubs. I would like to have some piercings but I don't want to be judged wrongly by this. I work with elderly people and I don't think they would appreciate them. I too, believe that if a person is judged or rejected by this, that it would be the patient's loss. I wish that these issues were more acceptable. Why is it OK to have a hole or holes in your ears, but not to have them anywhere else? This is a stupid societal norm. Until they are more accepted, I will keep mine hidden.
  12. by   JenNJFLCA
    I have 2 tattoos. One is on my upper right back, and the other goes all the way around my right ankle. I can cover up both of them, unless I wear a skirt. I start clinical next semester, and they are very strict with the jewelry and tattoos that we have. I personally think tattoos should be covered and piercing kept to a minimum of earrings and maybe a small nose ring stud. But, that's just my opinion.
  13. by   noodlefrax
    I have tattoos and some piercings- none of which are facial. i could understand why some employers wouldn't be to keen on the piercings (depending on where you work) for "infection control", but as far as tattoos go; they're just pictures on skin. A tattoo doesn't change my job performance! Some places may consider it to look "unprofessional".. personally, I think places that worry too much about someone having a tattoo showing or not isn't spending enough time considering the quality care thats provided by that individual. Isn't that what this is all supposed to be about anyway??
    Why judge because of something so minor? This is how places miss out on some of the best employees!