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how long did it take before you got used to it to the point where it didn't bother you any more? some people tell me they were always ok with such things. (actually, that's the only response... Read More

  1. by   mercurygirl
    Oh thank goodness you asked this. I was really worried that I would be the only person in school who gags when somebody else pukes.
  2. by   RunnerRN
    I was very worried about this when I started nsg school. My solution was to wear scrubs w the two front pockets and keep Vicks, a mask, and gum in one pocket. Never feel bad about whipping out your mask. If you're cleaning up poo or pt is vomiting, you should technically be protecting your mucous membranes! I did find that chewing strong gum and breathing through your mouth really helps. Even just a dab of Vicks under your nose does wonders.
    If you're without your Vicks, grab a container of Mastisol or benzoin and dab some on a mask. Make sure it dries completely (or you'll end up with your mask stuck to your face!).
  3. by   turbohound
    Hi All, I've found that slow mouth breathing can usually get me through. If you mouth breathe slowly enough, the air doesn't backflow up into your nose, and pass over any smell receptors. I know it sounds weird, but I've been able to do this and tolerate even the worst smells (feces, vomit, decayed flesh, etc.). But it takes control. If you breathe too fast, you'll catch the smell, and the gag reflex kicks in. So give slow mouth breathing a try
  4. by   scholar
    Quote from TrickieTam
    I have yet to get over the smells. Just about anything makes me gag. But vomit and feces will send me to the porcelain or gag. I had a patient that was vomiting the other day and I was the only person in his room to clean it up. In between him vomiting, he kept asking me if I was oka when it should have been the other way around
    this is so funny to me
  5. by   MountainMan
    Oh great! I'm becoming a nurse to be a 'mouth breather'. Not much of a compliment. I guess by the end of my 12th hour my knuckles will be dragging on the ground.
  6. by   WinksRN
    I cant stand to walk into a room and it smells like humidified trach secretions, the room is all moist.Yak,:lol_hitti that is one thing that sticks in my head when i kiss my boyfriend, just knowing you can produce all that mucous. everything else you can think of doesnt phase me.
  7. by   shaazzaamm34
    I can usually Stand all sorts of smells in the hospital...

    But What really makes me sick

    Is the smell of Morning trays... Especially the sight of Mech Soft Diet...
  8. by   Megsd
    Quote from shaazzaamm34
    I can usually Stand all sorts of smells in the hospital...

    But What really makes me sick

    Is the smell of Morning trays... Especially the sight of Mech Soft Diet...
    Pureed fish on lunch trays. That's a nasty smell. But it's the only way to know the lump of white stuff on the tray is actually fish.

    I do pretty well with smells anymore. I get more grossed out by the SOUND of someone vomiting, and the sound of suctioning. Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. Yuck!
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I don't do sputum if I can help it. Anything else, I seem to handle OK. Used to it? Not really, just tolerant. But I dunno, sputum, EEEEEEEEEEEUK no can do w/o gagging.
  10. by   CritterLover
    Quote from smilingblueyes
    i don't do sputum if i can help it. anything else, i seem to handle ok. used to it? not really, just tolerant. but i dunno, sputum, eeeeeeeeeeeuk no can do w/o gagging.

    my mom (a retired ortho rn) is the same way.

    she told me that she always made her lpns suction her trach patients, she just couldn't handle it.
  11. by   all4schwa
    Quote from wantobern
    i'm glad someone brought up this topic, because i was going to post a thread about this topic. i work with one nurse who cannot tolerate an oral secretion. so whenever she have to suction a patient, she ask nurses from another unit to suction her patient for her. don't you think this is something she needs to get over it and do it by herself?
    that is not okay, either be the nurse or don't. of course, i may be willing to trade for an unfavorable task of my own.
  12. by   mugg54
    Well, I know I will get a lot of flak for this answer, but I cannot stand the sight or smell of feces or vomit. I have been like this for years and I have never been able "to get used to it"!

    I did not go to college for 5 years to clean poo and vomit! If I would have wanted to do that, I would have just been a CNA! So, if a hospital doesn't have aides to do the dirty work, I can't work at the hospital! Now I do greatly respect and appreciate the aides for what they do, and I am not knocking being a aide. I am glad someone can do it! I just don't want the job!
  13. by   SmileyCNAII
    I grew up with a father that refused to take baths, (he was a boiler tender in the Navy so it made it worse that he would go to work in 200+ degree heat and then come home and refuse to bathe), it was really disgusting so I learned to live breathing through my mouth. By the way he was an alcoholic so there was no talking him into taking a bath either.

    Still, I cannot stand the smell of old urine, the kind of smell that old people have. Yuk!! I have to use the peppermint in the mouth and the mask to get through the ordeal of changing those people even if I mouth breathe the whole time. I will have to try the slow mouth breathing technique.
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