1. Hey everyone. I have a question. I have blackheads all over my nose and cheeks. My dr. prescribed erythromyrocin for it, will it work? Also if it does not work what will?
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  3. by   Boe
    here is a link to some drug info for erythromyrocin.

    It states that "This medicine penetrates the pores to reduce the number of blackheads and pimples."

    So, it should work.
  4. by   stbernardclub
    ok,first off that takes alot of guts to ask this one...what really works well is using a facial sauna until your face is good and sweaty, then use a mild apricot scrub...kicks them black buggers right out of there !!
  5. by   Nurse Jeni
    I also like using those pore strips that you paste on to your nose and then *gently* pull off after it has dried and has a complete death grip on your nose. It isn't entirely pleasant, but it is very satisfying to see all those icky things on the strip and off of my nose!
  6. by   nurseygrrl
    Funny I should read this thread while doing my weekly facial...

    I have always had blackheads on my nose, chin, and between my eyebrows. Once a week I use Biore pore strips on the aforementioned areas and then I use Queen Helene's Mint Julep masque. Works wonders... I get compliments on my skin almost daily.
  7. by   suzieq8907
    the funny thing is i have tried all those.....they didnt work for me!
  8. by   elkpark
    The Biore' strips didn't work? Did you get your face good 'n hot and very wet before you applied the strip? I swear by them ...
  9. by   crankyasanoldma
    I used EEs for cystic acne very sucessfully. I didn't have blackheads, though.
  10. by   etmx5313
    The Biore strips didn't work for me either!!! Got a few, but I have them all along the side of my nose--and below my bottom lip on my chin--what the heck??? Do the pore extractor things work?
  11. by   MyReign1

    I've had skin problems all of my life. The skin near my temple started to pit. I was prescribed erythromycin and it did absolutely nothing for my skin. My doctor prescribed retin a micro about 3 weeks ago. In about 2 weeks I started seeing changes. I didn't mention to anyone that I was using something new for my face. I was tired of being excited about some new treatment and nothing working. Well my sister came to visit this weekend and she told me that my skin was looking good. I was so happy. So it's not imaigination it is working. It has even starting smoothing out the pits near my temple. Of course we are different people. so erythromycin may work for you. But, you may want to see if you can also use a topical cream such as retin-a micro as well. Good luck!! I know how disheartening acne can be.
  12. by   jkaee
    After I have a baby my face breaks out HORRIBLY! I suffered thru it with my oldest 2 kids, but with my youngest is was so bad (I think it was worse and lasted longer because I exclusively breastfed her). I didn't let anyone see me without makeup. I, too had a problem with blackheads on my nose and chin, as well as "regular" pimples. The only thing that worked for me was Proactive. I used it faithfully 2xs a day, as well as the Biore strips once a week, NEVER went to bed with makeup on, and used the Proactive mask 2-3 times a week. My skin improved so much that I didn't even need to use foundation or concealer at family couldn't believe how it cleared my skin. It is a little pricey...a 2 month supply will cost you around $54 (this includes S&H), and they automatically ship you a new supply every other month. I really worked well for me.
    I don't use it anymore....since my daughter weaned, I haven't had a problem with acne, except a pre-cycle zit here or there, but I do need to keep up with skin care because my pores clog so easily (it's a family trait )
    If you can, try it! It can't hurt! I'm so glad I did!
  13. by   truern
    i swear by the biore strips...but you have to make sure your face is REALLY wet and make sure the strips dry thoroughly before you pull them off...

    they look like a miniature forest :imbar
  14. by   jkaee
    Quote from truesn
    i swear by the biore strips...but you have to make sure your face is REALLY wet and make sure the strips dry thoroughly before you pull them off...

    they look like a miniature forest :imbar

    :chuckle I know what you mean.....Sometimes I'd be looking at the used strip and my DH was like "What the heck are you looking at!" It is so gross to see what is in your pores.....but it's good to get that junk out!