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Not really posting anything, just wanted to see how silly this would look :rotfl: Can we stop with the comparison's now? :hatparty:... Read More

  1. by   alexsb1116
    How 'bout Divorced Celebrities/Hollywood Couples?

    Tom Cruise vs Nicole Kidman
    Carmen Electra vs Dennis Rodman
    Britney Spears vs Jason Alexander
  2. by   alexsb1116
    Ahh... Demi Moore vs Bruce Willis
  3. by   TeenyBabyRN
    pinky vs. the brain
  4. by   alexsb1116
    On magic:

    Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield
  5. by   alexsb1116
    Quote from TeenyBabyRN
    pinky vs. the brain
    Tom vs Jerry (Tom & Jerry, for those of you who remember)

    Heckle vs Jeckle
  6. by   alexsb1116
    Dutch vs Deutsche
  7. by   Ted
    Tomato verses Tomatoe

  8. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    black olives versus green olives!
  9. by   camay1221_RN
    Ren vs. Stimpy

    I used to love those guys!!
  10. by   nurseunderwater
    olive oyl v. wonder woman
  11. by   NP2BE
    Michael jackson vs R kelley

    Scott Peterson vs OJ
  12. by   alexsb1116
    Clay Aiken vs Ruben Studdard
  13. by   Angela Mac
    how about----- Republican vs. Democrat
    Left Wing vs. Right Wing
    Conservative vs. Liberal
    neither, nor, or
    bi (?) partisan