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You're overflowing with awesome tips. Now you can share them and have a chance to win money! For our fifth National Nurses Week 2018 Contest we want to hear your best tip for nurses. Maybe it's... Read More

  1. by   Lev <3
    Don't ever be afraid to question; whether it's an order, a med, a doctor, a patient, or a fellow nurse!
  2. by   Lev <3
    Use your rapid response team!
  3. by   DesireeStudent
    Move until you find the team or unit you love. You cannot care for someone unless you care about yourself and wellbeing.
  4. by   Ldanielle7
    Take 30 seconds to breath each hour. It will recenter your mind and improve focus
  5. by   Bugaloo
    Learn to listen to your intuition. If "your gut" tells you something isn't right, more times than not, you should investigate things further. If you aren't happy in your current job, look for something else. The great thing about nursing is that there are so many possibilities for us to explore! Be courteous and polite to your patients, coworkers and everyone you come into contact with.
  6. by   Joe V
    Last call! Get your tips in.

    We will be announcing the winner later today.
  7. by   littlefootkatie
    The best advice I can offer to nurses (especially new nurses) out there is this:

    -Always remember: when in doubt, assume it's poop. Don't touch it without gloves.....Even if you're sure

    Happy nurses week!
  8. by   littlefootkatie
    Pro nurses tips:

    1) Nobody knows everything, not even the doctor. Ask questions and you will learn miles.

    2) Cry if you have to - we all do it.

    3) There's a reason why we're only required to work 3 12hr shifts, remember that.

    4) Take care of yourself and you'll be the best nurse to your patients.

    Happy nurses week!
  9. by   Brian S.
    Thanks to everyone who has submitted an entry for our Best Nursing Tip Nurses Week 2018 contest. The winners have been selected and notified via private message so check your inbox to see if you've won! The grand prize winners have also had their winning entries turned into images and are posted in this topic! Thanks again and Happy Nurses Week!!!
  10. by   mydestinyy
    Look out for one another... if you get time, check on your fellow nurses mainly if they are running around like a chicken with the head cut off... work as a team and make it happen..