Best Thing Ever Happened To U Being A Nurse

  1. What are the best thing that had have happened to u being a nurse so far in ur life?
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Getting thank-you cards from pts. Not ones that are for the whole unit, tho that is nice. I mean the ones that are just for me. I got one recently that was so full of praise and thanks, I just cried when I read it. I have saved every card and note that pts have given me.

    Even years later, I still get a wonderful warm feeling when reading them.

    Also, when I know that my actions have brought about a pt's good outcome, it's a wonderful feeling.
  4. by   unikuelady
    Its when I am approached in public by a former patient and they introduce me to the people they are with as the best nurse they ever had. I have had this happen to me several times and it amazes me when its been years since this person was my patient.
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    Meeting my husband was the best!

    Hearing from a patient long after they've been discharged is great, too. It shows you made enough of an impression on them for them to go to the trouble to look you up and tell you so. For years after his transplant, a former patient of mine would go to the ICU after his clinic visits and look up my best friend to tell her to tell me that he was doing great. He knew that I had moved away, so he'd tell Karen to give me a message. It's a fabulous feeling when they come into the ICU looking for you, and you don't recognize them because they look so HEALTHY, but the SO gives you a big hug and it all comes back!

    THanks for asking the question -- now I'm sitting here remembering all the patients and families that have looked me up later, and I'm feeling SO good!
  6. by   CardioTrans
    Where do I begin.. :chuckle I had one pt many yrs ago in home care, I was pregnant with my youngest son, the day my son was born, the pt found out and by that afternoon he had sent me a dozen roses. Had one pt that was a 4 yr old who I went to his house every 8 hrs to hook up an IV, when we were done with all the IVs he sent me a precious moments angel that was dressed as a nurse. Had a little girl who had surgery was in PICU who gave me a card thanking me for helping take care of her and her mom while she was in our unit. Had another pt in home care who had a 9yr old daughter waiting on me one night when I went to hook up moms TPN, she had made me a picture with "the best nurse in the world" on it. And just the other day had a family member send a card thanking me for thinking enough of her father to recommend that he go to hospice so that they could be there with him when he passed away (my agency does home care and hospice). Sometimes its not the gifts, its just the little things that make my job worth dealing with all the irrate families and the docs.
  7. by   dianah
    Having worked at a County hospital for many years, I really appreciated the many times patients told me how surprised they were with the good care received and the nice people that worked there.
    I can't tell you how many times patients told me, "I've worked hard all my life and have always had insurance, but am just going through a tough time now, and then this medical problem came up, and I needed to go somewhere, so I came here [County]." They tell how nervous they were to come to a "County" facility, and how pleasantly surprised they were, as I said, with the care and the caliber of people working. Comments like these just made my day -- obviously, as I still remember them!
  8. by   Diana in Sweden
    Very ill patient telling the doc "you can do anything you want to me but don't change my nurse"

    still get a glow about that one
  9. by   NursesRmofun
    I was with a patient I knew pretty well when she died. The pt's daughter was happy that I could be there holding her hand because she was not there when it happened. She couldn't come back up to the floor (too painful), but she (the daughter) came back a few months later and brought be a mikasa vase and asked me to put lilacs in it cause they were her Mom's fav. <sniff>