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I have a 14-year-old travelling through the minefield called adolescence. She wants her belly button pierced (absolutely not) and a tattoo (absolutely not). But just FMI - has anyone seen or had... Read More

  1. by   shay
    Ah, hell.......let her get her belly pierced. Just do like the other mom nurses did and pick the place and teach her how to keep it clean. Kid's gotta rebel least she's not PREGNANT.
  2. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer

    It does NOT matter how INTELLIGENT OR BOOK SMART they are, what matters is their level of emotional (and social) maturity. How clean do they keep themselves? Do you have to constantly tell them they need a bathe AND a heavy dose of deodorant? Does their bedroom smell like a pig sty? Do they ACT like toddlers still or are they accountable and responsible for their personal belongings, keeping up with appointments on their own, timely in making those appointments, organized in their work...???

    I agree that most 14 yr olds would not be able to make this decision and in no way to agree witht he notion to allow it. My 14 (15 on July 16th) has been taking care of hygiene for many years, does her own laundry works a couple of days a week, plays softball, and is involved in many other activities. She is a rare exception to the rule, she is literally 14 going on 20. I can't say this about many other young ladies, but with my daughter I can.
  3. by   CANRN
    hahahhahaa I hear ya Christen!

    My 16 year old daughter has her belly button pierced, She had it done last summer while we were on vacation. I went with her, inspected the facility, asked questions etc, and then stood there while she had it pierced. It never got infected, she took very good care of it. Tattoos on the other hand, I am not fond of. Although I never told her no, she stated she did not have any desire to have one and would never get anything pierced other than her belly button. She thinks nose piercings are "'ewwwww gross!" Her words! LOL
  4. by   karenelizabeth
    Had my belly button done at the age of 32 just split up from partner always wanted it done but he didnt approve, (have never told my mum either). I love it but I did have few problems. It took forever to heal I had a tetanium bar put in initially in the July and despite cleaning etc was still having problems in Dec changed it to a silver one and healed within the week. Have tried putting the original back in but it still causes problems so I binned it. I now have quite a variety or different colours and styles to choose from.

    With regard to tatoos havent yet have been thinking of it for a while now just a small one somewhere hidden under my uniform. Henna tatoos have become quite popular in the UK havent tried them but I think they have a life of about 6 wks.
  5. by   Harleyhead
    Can anyone say Hepatitis?
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    Thank you all for helping me to cope today.

    If I had a 15 yo daughter and she wanted a tattoo and piercing I would forbid it until she hit 18. I would try my best to convince her of my dedication to her that I want her to have a unalduterated dermis until 18 as my honor to her. I coulda got tattooed in the USMC but didn't. To me, my dermis is a sacred and holy place. I wouldn't want to force her, and hoped she see me and how it's cool not to have a tattoo. Maybe she could be lucky to have a cute birthmark on her inner leg in the shape of Orion. She might have natural maps of star clusters that a tattoo would do violence to.
    I'd encourage my daughte to go gor bellybutton rings and henna temp tattoos, but again, remind her of my honor to her as to present her with an unadulterated looking body at 18. That would kinda be my responsibility, right? NOt a control issue, but one of lifelong relationship.
    Hey Mario - do you have a jaw breaker or something in your mouth in that pic?

    BTW - the one of you licking the cake batter bowl is my favorite

  8. by   deespoohbear
    I don't think I could agree to letting my 14 year old child having a tattoo or a navel piercing. I don't have a problem with having the ears pierced before the age of 18 but I think the rest would have to wait. I have three sons and fortunately this has not been an issue in our home, yet. I wouldn't get terribly upset if one of the boys wanted to pierce their ears (after they were 18) but I am afraid I would have to scrape their father off of the ceiling! My question would be if you give in to the navel piercing and the tattoo, what else will the child want? Where will you draw the line? I guess I am pretty conservative (and my husband makes me look liberal ) when it comes to parenting. I know you can't keep a 14 year old under lock and key, but I believe they are still young enough to require guidance in a majority of their decisions. If you truly believe that the navel piercing and tattooing are not appropiate for your teen, tell her. And then stick with it. If you decide to allow it, good luck. :roll
  9. by   Jenny P
    I told both of my kids that tattoes and piercings (except for my dtr's. single peirced ears) were not allowed while they lived under my roof. In spite of them both being ADHD and HUGE BUTTON PUSHERS while they were growing up, they both did abide by my rules on this.

    However, I did let them dye their hair after age 16 because I figured that would grow out (and it did!) and my son went blond (which looked really GOOD!) and my dtr. went every color of the rainbow!

    My dtr. now has 3 piercings on her one ear and only the one on her other ear. She says she wants a tattoo, but agrees not to get one til after she graduates from college. I personally hope she never does get one.

    My son had his tongue pierced last year, but ended up having to remove it when he had to go to the dentist to get teeth pulled. The dentist told him how dangerous the pierced tongue was if he got an infection; my son hasn't pierced anything else.

    Having had allergic reactions to my own pierced earrings, I have made a point of telling my kids and their friends that what they do to themselves when young could affect them in the future. It does seem to qwell their interest in some of the experimenting that they were interested in doing.

    Facial and body piercings are dangerous to us as nurses because confused patients can grab at the rings, studs, and barbells and injure the integrity of our skin. I've had a co-worker have her earring ripped off her ear by a combative pt.; and as far as nipple rings, I've seen enough confused Little Old Ladies grab and twist younger nurses boobs that I would never consider having that done to me!
  10. by   aj1973
    hmmm, interesting one, well I think 14 is old enough for a belly button ring. i agree with what most people have posted, its not permanent, so theres no big deal if she changes her mind down the track. On the other hand, 14 is WAY too young for a tattoo, i didn't get mine til I was 23 (i'm 28 now) and made sure that I was really getting something that I wanted and was happy to have on me forever My tattoo is only small - a dolphin on my ankle - but it still really gets noticed, not that I've ever been directly discriminated against because of it, but there sure are some people out there who are still of the opinion unfortunately that tattoo on woman = ****, and it makes me as mad as hell, but perhaps let your daughter know that too.
    I'm curently thinking about getting another tattoo - just have too many ideas and can't decide which one to go for. (would love to get my belly pierced, but lets just say i don't really have the belly of a 14 year old unfortunately)
  11. by   casperbjs
    I use to work in a physician's office. Out of all the numerous people that I have taken care of, only 1 had infection from the belly piercing. The doc had to remove the ring, and she had a lot of pain. It was so tender and hurt so bad, she squeezed my hands while he was removing it, didn't think I was going to have any feeling left in them. We saw anywhere from 40-50 people a day at the office. I worked for him for 8 1/2 years. This should be something that you are comfortable with your decision.
  12. by   JeannieM
    I've tried to picture what body piercings and tattoos will be like for the next generation of nurses. Forty years from now or so, in report: "And in bed 2 we have Muffy Smith, age 80, admitted with an acute MI, who requires Body Piercing Care to her tongue, nipple and labial body piercings..." Maybe there will even be a Body Piercing Care protocol and nursing research on "Prevention of Infection in Intimate Body Piercings for the Long Term Care Resident"...

    (maybe I should just go back to the moles...):roll
  13. by   zudy
    JeanieM!!!! Body piercing car!!!:roll :roll Should we give peri care to the moles? And will THEY have body piercings?!