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I have a 14-year-old travelling through the minefield called adolescence. She wants her belly button pierced (absolutely not) and a tattoo (absolutely not). But just FMI - has anyone seen or had... Read More

  1. by   nursejws
    IMHO, I really think people who deal with the public like dr's, and nurses should not have a tongue ring. There are so many things that could go wrong there...I don't even want to list the reasons. Not EVERYONE is going to have an open mind when it comes to piercings, especially body piercings. Tongue piercings are just too distracting. Trust me, I do not have a closed mind...but I have to agree with Heather...I would tell the nurse to turn around and go find the supervisor.

    I know everyone is not going to agree with my opinions...but I have been on both sides of the and an employee with a tongue piercing. I was fortunate to have a accounting job when I had my tongue piercing. And the only interaction I had with the public was over the phone or email. I had problems speaking after my tongue piercing because of the swelling. As hard as I tried to speak correctly, there was no way around it.

    kcsunshyn8...I don't think it's so much of a judgement. Hospitals, post offices, dentist offices, restaurants, etc...all have to keep up with dress codes and rules. I really don't think it's a judgement, it's just not, for lack of a better word, professional.

    When I managed a movie theatre, we had a girl there with her nose pierced. Anytime she was scheduled, whether it be the box office, concession, or ticket taker, she had to remove her nose ring. I later heard she made it to assistant manager - but she didn't wear her nose ring.
  2. by   Beach_RN
    I worked in Human Resources at a Science Museum for 8 years.. we once had a girl who was very qualified come in and interview for a Managers position in Sales.....Well everybody like her until the President saw her tatto her ankle... she had the vine around the ankle... he wouldn't hire her he said she didn't look professional

    Back when I was a teen I wanted a tatoo.... my mom never let me get it.... I'm glad she put her foot down..... On the other hand ....if and when my daughter is a teenager and she wants her belly button pierced I will allow that . I figure.. I need to choose my battles!
    Originally posted by kcsunshyn8
    And if people are going to judge me b/c of one piercing, then oh well. I just think people need to b more open minded today. Times have changed and so have people.
    Thats a perfect example of a 20 year olds rationalization of the entire matter. It's not wrong, and is in fact age appropriate, so I won't even comment on it. You'll learn.

    Trust me, I am open minded. Perhaps you didn't read my earlier post where I said that I too am tattooed and was, in the past, pierced. In fact, I told the original poster to let her child get the piercing, and work with her on the tattoo. These things are indeed part of expressing yourself and figuring out who you are.

    I would just hope that by the time you are an adult and have a chosen career path, that you have chosen more responsible and mature ways to express yourself and show people what you are all about.

    And forgive me Kerry, but I believe you asked for input. "Any info would be great" were your exact words.

    So don't go saying "oh well" when you don't like what you hear.

  5. by   cargal
    I raised three daughters. One is at a top university in the country making 4.0 in biomedical engineering. The other two are high schoolers, great grades, really good kids, great atheletes. I had an intructor in nursing school, peds, who stated that if her daughter wanted to dye her hair green, she would let her, if : she paid for it with her own money , and if it was not permanent.
    I adhere to those words; it gives the teen some control. If they don't have some control over their lives, they will rebel. I permitted all of my daughters to get their navel pierced, the youngest at 13 (the third one gets away with getting things younger). These kids don't drink, are responsible, hard working great girls. I chose the facility, went with them and helped them with infection control, which they handled admirably, being the offspring of a nurse! My other mantra is: "No more body piercings until I'm dead!"
  6. by   soon2bLPN
    I have both, the tatoo is hidden and the belly ring noone sees unless I show them. Belly rings need to be taken care of just like your ears. They need to be turned and cleaned and they do hurt for a while. Its your daughters way of expressing herself. I think if my daughter were to ask me for one when she is old enough, I woul let he do it. As long as she is not coming home with blue and pprle hair... eyebrows peirced and tongue.. the belly button isnt so bad
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    I would like a very nice concealable tatoo with my daughters name, Emma, which is my wonderful Mom's name and it means "Nurse" (cool, huh?) but I am such a WUSS!
  8. by   lisamcrn
    Well, here is my opinion of a mom with 5 children. I see no problem with the belly button being pierced if she is responsible enough to keep up the care for a few months for it too heal and there is a safe clean place to have it done. I used to have mine pierced but removed the ring during my last pregnancy. IF I ever loose the weight I gained from my daughter I will repierce it.
    I would allow my daughters to do this after a certain age. I don't feel 14 is old enough as this age is still so in-between (emotions and attitide). I think 15 with certain criterias met such as grades, behaviors and such are followed.

    I would much rather see many ear and belly button piercing than any facial/mouth piercings. I have made it clear to mine anything put into or inside a facial body part excluding their ears I will personally rip out. I find these horrible and it turns my stomach looking at them.

    Tatoos....sigh! If my children ever get one they will need to be 18. And I just hope they pick something in good taste that isn't exposed all the time. Some are simply beautiful but seeing them on the job is inappropriate.

    Did I tell you about the nurse unit manager that came to give me my mantoux for my new job?? Well, long bleached blonde hair unkept in a pony tail, almost 2 inch fake nails, two displaying tatoos around her ankles while wearing white shorts......I almost ran out of the building....but I needed the job change at that moment and shut my mouth. I lost total respect for her before I even got the information if she was a good nurse or not.

    Well this is my 5cents....Lisa
  9. by   kcsunshyn8
    "Just a quick question for all you nurses.....have you heard of any rules against visible body piercings?"

    Heather-maybe i should restate my question more clearly....Has anyone heard of any specific rules against visible body piercings? Any info ON RULES would be great!

    "I would just hope that by the time you are an adult and have a chosen career path, that you have chosen more responsible and mature ways to express yourself and show people what you are all about"


    Just so you know.....I'm extremely responsible and mature for my age. I can and do handle much more than a normal 20 year old could. I've also chosen my career path and already plan to show peole what I'm all about. I know a simple tongue ring will not get in the way of my dreams.
  10. by   RNConnieF
    Hi all,
    My oldest daughter is 20 now and has her belly button done. I used it as a bargining tool, she wanted a tatoo but we setteled for the belly ring. She had it done at a local MD's office using surgical stanless steel for the ring. No problems after the first 6 months or so when it has to be cleaned and turned daily. She had this done at 16 with my permission. She is now about to start her senior year at Penn State in pre med so it hasn't done her any harm to have had it done. Did I mention that she also has about 12 ear piercings too? I don't count then as any big deal. Both my boys have their ears pierced too, the oldest one twice! Hubby doesn't like it a lot but it seems harmless to me. Save your arguments for the really big things (you'll see lots of them in the next few years!) and try to let the small stuff pass. Or as my kids say "Don't sweat the small s*&t."
  11. by   NannaNurse
    Some really good post here....hope we can keep the 'mud slinging' out of it?????
    As I stated, I have visable on my right hand, between my thumb and index finger. An elephant (size of a nickle) in honor of my Mom who passed away in 1996. I also have my tongue pierced.....nobody knows at work. I've had a clear barbell in place for about 5 years now. Unless I tell you, you don't know it's there.
    As far as having a nurse w/bleached hair, long spikes for nails and shorts at work??? How gross! I worked with an temp yesterday that had 1 1/2 " bright pink nails who couldn't do a darn thing. Even had trouble getting into pyxis! If I need to, I put one of the small round bandaids over my tat, but please don't judge me or put lablels on me because I have tattoos or piercings. Like some professional life is one thing, my personal life is another. What I look like has no bearing on my ability as a nurse, but I do think I should look as professional as possible. I press my scrubs, have my long hair up in a ponytail for work, wear alittle make-up....I need it :roll and spritz alittle perfume on. My shoes are clean and white, my nails are trimmed and clean (no polish). I agree that some people judge a persons intelligence by their looks, I don't! We, as nurses, do have an image to maintain. We are looked upon as respected,intelligent and trustworthy. We need to make sure we keep that going....who knows--we may someday get that raise we all want??:kiss
    Originally posted by kcsunshyn8
    Heather-maybe i should restate my question more clearly....Has anyone heard of any specific rules against visible body piercings? Any info ON RULES would be great!
    And I believe I answered that question.

  13. by   kewlnurse
    when my kids are teenagers they can pierced where ever they want, except the genitalia. When the daughter is old enough to care for them, she can get her ears pierced, the boy too for that matter. I don't have a problem with tatoos either, but they should be tasteful, I odn't care for sleeves, complete torso's etc... I'm about due to get another myself I just don't have the $$, can't decide if I want a biohazard on my girthy stomach, a dragon on my left shoulder, or an arm band of some sort with the Polish Falcon in the middle