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I am a senior nursing student. I was SO dissapointed on the unit the other night when a group of RN's were talking loudly about "that new GN who made a HUGE med error" they explained details and... Read More

  1. by   TachyBrady
    Sounds like Marie...LPN was having a bad day.

    SNKerri, I remember making a huge med error when I was a new RN. I remember the other nurses gossiping about me. I remember the snickers. Not only did I feel horrible about the mistake but I was hurt that other nurses could be so cruel about it. At the time, I vowed that when I became experienced, I would never treat a student or GN or new RN like that. That was 13 years ago and I've not broken that promise.

    You can't do much about the nurses you heard talking but you can allow this experience to help you be more understanding toward those that are following you.
  2. by   csiln
    I lasted 3 months as a new nurse and when I think about trying again I almost puke. Not only was my orientation only 5 days but the nurses expected me to know everything in 5 weeks. I hated the way nursing instructors and then experienced nurses made me feel about myself. Still looking for my niche, but not hopeful that I'll ever find it. Clinics want nurses with experience but I don't think I can do the hospital med/surg year. Good Luck to all you new nurses, you probably have more guts than I do.
  3. by   Elisheva
    csiln, your post breaks my heart. I lasted only two years. I'll take my share of the blame for being obsessive and anxious, but I have trouble forgiving the two or three nurses that made my life a living hell on a med-surg floor. I was completely undone and out of confidence by the time I left.

    Flash forward 12 years and I'm trying again. I'm studying L&D like mad for several months before I retry. I'm also taking a nursing refresher course. I'm even thinking about trying a little therapy in advance. I vow two things: I'll never let someone else make me feel like that about myself again and I'll never treat anyone the way I was treated.

    Come on, kiddo. We can do it!
  4. by   MimismomRN
    I agree with you guys, people (even nurses) can be incredibly cruel. I am a new LVN (five months) working in med surg and there are a few nurses who have brought me to tears. But I have to say most have been supportive, encouraging and helpful. I am older (49) with not alot of confidence or good self esteem so it is hard some days and yes some days I want to give up and go back to the legal field. Hopefully with alot of prayer I can make it through one year of med surg and then move on. I am also working on my RN and it is stressful. When I made a med error (during orientation) I thought my life was over but thanks to some very supportive, understanding and caring nurses they helped me through it and also told me their own experiences. That's how we all should be. As was said previously, support, help and care about each other and help each other suceed. I have decided I will not let the one or two mean/cruel nurses tear me down. I'm doing my best and have alot to learn. God bless all of us.
  5. by   Elisheva
    The most wonderful yet sad thing I've found on this forum is that I am not alone in my experience. I really thought that I was the only one being treated this way. I also thought that I was the only one who made a med error right off the bat and felt destroyed. Not so! Had I only known then and had some quick, supportive intervention, I think I could have overcome it so much easier.

    The only way this behavior can continue is if nurses allow it to continue. It's not happening to me again. I'm dragging somebody's butt to a charge nurse, a shift supervisor, I'm writing someone up, I'm sending letters, whatever. I'm ticked off. With God as my witness....and that, ladies and gentlemen, was my Scarlett O'Hara moment.
  6. by   csiln
    I'm 55 and, I guess, out of touch with the realities of the real nursing world, but it wasn't worth the stress and physical strain. I'm saddened that it hasn't worked out, but am not totaling giving up. The end goal was missions and it would have been nice to have worked and paid off the school loans, but I may start volunteer work if that's the only place truly nice people are. Not that any of you aren't nice LOL!
  7. by   Tweety
    Quote from Elisheva
    With God as my witness....and that, ladies and gentlemen, was my Scarlett O'Hara moment.

    Good for you. We have to be our own advocates and not accept unacceptable behavior.
  8. by   csiln
    The charge nurse on my last day is the "straw" that broke this camel's back! She could see I was struggling with a mentally challenged patient who pulled his colostomy bag off three times and she never asked about my other patients until I told her she'd have to take care of them. The nurse manager asked me why I didn't ask for help sooner!! Duh, I was covered in MRSA sh** and they all knew what was going on. The charge nurse said it was my fault because I should've given him all the PRN meds that were ordered. He was already on tranquilizers, etc. Oh well, I'll never work there again.
  9. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from lands1980
    Old nurses never really give any nurse a break in regards to mistakes. Pack mentalityas a whole. Pecking orders exist with nurses. Anything like perceprtions about if a staff member is respected by doctors,has better schedule or considered "a know it all" will start the backstabbing.
    Very sad but true.
    Lead by example with this types of nurses and don't follow the pack. Keep your side of the street clean with regards of undermining and gossiping.
    Hey,a thought. A discussion about safety issues and education to prevent mistakes.
    Oh, puhleeeeeze! Here we go again with the "evil old nurses." There are plenty of new nurses who are malicious.

    Mean people come in all ages.