BBQ or Clinic?

  1. Ha Ha. That's what I thought today.
    Had a Mom's day BBQ at my place---as is usual, I ended up taking EVERYONE's B/P! Now, I don't really mind this, as they were all close family members---but I sorta laughed to myself and wondered "Gee, should I charge admission or a by the value price?" I was kidding though! I wouldn't really, I just thought how funny it was. Luckily, all B/P's were in normal range----except maybe mine by the end of it, lol.
    Anyone else have this occur at a gathering?
    Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's. Got the BEST card from my son...gonna frame it.
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  3. by   P_RN
    That and advice seeking and hospital experience stories.
  4. by   CATHYW
    Only when I first became a nurse-everyone wanted their BP checked. Now it is the advice kind of thing, ?'s about tests to be and test results, etc. What the heck? They're family, and they are trusting us to help them. Who could say no? If we can scare up compassion for strangers, surely we can do it for family. Pay, even as a joke? Uh-uh. I consider it an honor that they trust me that much. It is one of those things about nursing being as much of a lifestyle as it is a job. Remember, if someone was in real-estate, or finance, etc., they'd probably be asking advice from the folks in those fields, too! LOL!
    Yup Sharann, I don't go to many functions without my tools of the trade.

    I had an in law once ask me to look in her eye, as she thinks she may have scratched her cornea. I simply explained that unless she had an episiotomy for me to examine, I was really no good to her.

    My mom is a nurse, also a diabetic. She brings her blood sugar machine to every family function. Between the 2 of us, the family gets complete physicals!

  6. by   nursedawn67
    Oh yeah...for a brief moment I thought you had been at my parents house! If they find out I have my b/p cuffs with me they start asking..the name it they ask! I have figured if i bring it they will come!!! LOL
  7. by   shay
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    I simply explained that unless she had an episiotomy for me to examine, I was really no good to her.
    :roll I tell 'em 'if you don't have an umbilical cord or a pregnant/recently pregnant uterus, I don't know what to do with you.'