Back Pain

  1. Hi,

    I have a history of chronic back problems and recently started a new job in a busy CCU that I suspect has concrete floors with too little padding. Since working there I have had an increase in low back, hip, and buttock pain. It also is taking me longer to recoup from working a 12 hour shift. I do three in a row, and now spend the rest of the week recovering, and going in again still sore.

    I went out and got myself a pair of new New Balance shoes, thinking originally that my old shoes were the problem. I also wear the Birkenstock Blue Footbeds, since they spared me from plantar fasciitis before, at another facility. I have tried the Dansko clogs, but found they didn't suit me as they just felt way too big.

    I have searched the web for answers. Since placing "chef's mats" at work is not feasible, anyone have suggestions for shoes, inserts, etc?

    I seriously need help here, or I may have to quit my new job because of this problem, which I really do not want to be forced to do.

    TIA, Lisa
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    I too have back problems from working as a paramedic. I am a nursing student and running around for eight hours streight. I acutally have cheap nursing shoes with Dr. Sholls gel inserts which have helped with the back pain. I also take aleve in the am before clinical whihc also helps a lot.

  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Do you have to work 3 12's in a row?
  5. by   ewattsjt
    I work in surgery and stand all day. I have also had two lumbar fusions. I use a good supporting shoe. I like rockport or sas.
  6. by   P_RN
    I've had beaucoups of back procedures too.
    You might want to consider having leg length measured. My "cookie" of between 3/8" and 5/8" really makes a difference.
    My chiropractor is the one who discovered this for me.
  7. by   Dixielee
    I know this sounds crazy, but I have spent thousands of dollars on "good" shoes, including the Z-coils and still had horrible back and foot pain at the end of a 12 hour shift. Sometimes I didn't know if I could get myself out of my car when I got home I hurt so bad. One day a few years ago, I was buying some new New Balence on a buy one get one half price sale, when I noticed the Crocs and decided to get some to wear around the house.

    I wore them to work on a whim one day, and have never been more happy! The second pair of New Balence is still in my closet, never even laced!

    The first thing I used to do was take off my shoes, now I wear them everywhere until I step into my bed. I don't know why they work the way they do, but they improved my life immeasurably. It is a $30 investment well worth trying.
  8. by   mydogsowner
    Ref. Dixielee~

    Thanks, I think I am going to try a pair of Crocs, I am just not sure if we can wear them to work because of the open back, I'll have to find out. At least I can wear them elsewhere. I have heard good things about them before so it's time I give them a try.

    I work Weekend Option, so the 3 in a row is almost my choice, but it works out better for my schedule.

    I also take Ibuprofen before, and during work, 800 mg.
  9. by   Bibagirl
    I had 2 back operations when in my early 20's.
    I've been working full time as a nurse for 21 years.
    I know about back pain!
    I found Dansko clogs helped alot, but the very best thing I could do for myself is gentle walking as exercise. Several times a week and that helps keep me relatively pain free. Also, I had physical therapy awhile back and they gave me exercises to do. Now, if I was smart, I would do them all the time, but I guess when I feel ok, I forget, and just get on with life, which is kind of pathetic in a way. After having been through alot with my back over the years, it would be very wise for me to do those exercises no matter what!!
    I'd like to figure out why I sometimes neglect my health!
  10. by   mel1977
    ah, the million dollar question
    I have had a lumbar fusion two years ago, for the most part my back is okay, though I do have to take 100mg of Ultram every four hours I work. Otherwise I get really tired and pooped out.
    Okay, so my issue may be more Plantar faciitis related, than back. But man, I have had the same problems finding good shoes.
    First I had birkies-they just hurt my heels worse. Then I went to crocs, which were a Godsend until my knees started to hurt and then the heel kicked in again. I do pass meds for eight hours, I may sit for a total of an hour in my shift incl. dinner break. I didn't like the fact that they fell off when I went to transfer someone into bed-or that I'd trip down the hall. So, I was told that Asics were one of the best. Yeah, okay. A 135 dollar WASTE. I do wear them, but only bc I took out their insole, put a cushioning regular foamy insole in (not memory foam or gel) WITH tri-comfort inserts. So far, much better. But, I still hurt. I do have a slight tilt in my pelvis and if I get it put back by the doc or chiro I do much better. I have to watch how I bend.
    Anyway-I am picky in how my shoes LOOK-you'd think I'd get over that for relief, but I am that way. SAS weren't much to look at, and just not for me-not sure about others.
  11. by   ckh23
    Try Nike Shox. They are the shoes with the little shock springs in the back. My knees would hurt after 12's but after switching to these shoes I have never had a problem. The provide great cushioning while walking.
  12. by   mydogsowner
    I have always been told that New Balance is the best athletic shoe out there. That was from Knee Surgeons, Podiatrists, etc.

    When I started having an issue with plantar fasciitis, I lived in my Birkenstock sandals. I don't know why, but they worked for me. After shuffling out of bed every morning, eventually it went away. I was told to get a pair of the Birkenstock Blue Footbeds as well. They worked great. They aren't cheap, but actually are, if you consider that you can move them from shoe to shoe, and they last forever!

    I haven't had any problems since, except for now at this new place, and it's not the same problem.
  13. by   mydogsowner
    Has anyone tried the Super Birki's or the Birki Professional Clogs?
  14. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]i had knee problems and was instructed by my rheumatologist to always wear good arch supports. i got orthotics and wore them, but my knees continued to give me problems. then a physical therapist recommended either danskos or birkenstocks. the birkenstocks just weren't comfortable to me, but i love the danskos. i even have their dress shoes. (of course it helps that i'm only a 2 hour drive from their outlet! )

    now i have back issues. the orthopedic surgeon wanted me to walk for 45 minutes every day, so i dragged my athletic shoes out from under the bed and inserted the orthotics and walked 45 minutes every day with an aching back. one day, i got a horrible blister from the shoes, so the next day i walked in my danskos. no back pain! i'm in pt for my back now, and the therapist says she's not surprised. danskos are much better shoes than most athletic shoes, even the $90 new balance i have with less than 200 miles on them.

    the moral of this story is, try danskos or birkenstocks and wear whichever feels more comfortable to you.