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  1. by   Motivated, SN

    FTR I am not a "doe-eyed student"; but have a different
    perspective in this issue, due to the fact that I work with
    women who are in recovery who are making positive changes
    in their lives. Just like your relative that went into rehab , who
    has been clean for 15 years. I'm glad to see that you realize
    change is possible. I never said that I would be able to deal
    with women who are high, screaming, spitting and hitting me.
    It obviously has affected you very deeply. I'm pretty sure that
    when you started your nursing career, you didn't refer to
    patients as, I think you said "a useless waste of skin". That's
    sad. Maybe dealing with these type of patients is no longer the
    thing for you. Or maybe, you are one of many nurses ready for
    a different career.
  2. by   shay
    Yep, motivated, I'm just bitter and jaded.

    And yep, you're right....I did call them wastes of skin!! Glad to see you're paying attention!!! HAVE FUN ON YOUR OB ROTATION....
  3. by   Q.
    Shay, just like myself, are dedicated, caring OB nurses who chose that path because we enjoy bringing life into the world. We adore infants and children, and love the happiness that "can" surround obstetrics. But, contrary to what many students and sometimes even nurses think, OB is not all happy.

    When you have seen these beautiful children born with defects, or seizing and who never had a chance, oddly enough if you weren't pro-choice before you will consider it now. And when you see some crack-whore come to your hospital for the 9th time, with her 12th child, demanding that you take care of her, and get her this, and get her that, and hit you, spit in your face, have her boyfriend threaten to kill you for reporting her + trich and other STD though he's been monogomous, and then see her child be born of her, addicted, small, not able to swallow or eat, and her referring to it as a gift from hell, and then on the same shift see a 25 year old woman come in with PROM at 19 weeks during her baby shower and LOSE her child that she tried so hard to concieve, it makes you realize that the former patient is "a waste of skin." She contributes nothing to society whatsoever. NOTHING. NOTHING VALUABLE. She's not even a good person. Unfortunately, there are simply BAD PEOPLE out there.

    I see you are from Milwaukee. Take a stroll to St. Joe's L&D unit and pick up the picture book they have of all the birth defects they have delivered as a result of drug-addicted moms. Go and shadow an OB nurse at Sinai, which is located on 9th and Wisconsin, which is basically one of the most unsafe neighborhoods in Milwaukee.

    Then come back and tell us that these "mothers" who simply know how to spread their legs and enjoy the orgasm much better when high are worthy of any sympathy from me. Especially when I have tried during each one of their 6 pregnancies to help them, and all they do is spit on me.
  4. by   shay
    Susy, YOU GO, GIRL!!!! :kiss You're my hero.
  5. by   pebbles
    I react badly to this discussion because it sounds like some nurses have found a group of people to feel venom and hate towards ... and something in me finds that is wrong.
    I understand completely where all the anger is coming from. I think what happens to these babies is absolutely inhummane, and it makes me angry too. I can't help but wish there was a better place to direct the anger.

    There are no easy solutions here. Nothing clean and wonderful that we can do that will make people with addictions not get pregnant and nothing that will make pregant people not take drugs. It is a frustrating situation for everyone who cares about these women OR their babies. Nurses and social workers and doctors and everybody else... even families.

    There is no reason to react with condescension or hate towards each other. Taking it out on each other will not help anyone find solutions.. for the actual problems or to find a place of peace in their hearts.
  6. by   BBnurse34
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by pebbles
    [B]I react badly to this discussion because it sounds like some nurses have found a group of people to feel venom and hate towards ... and something in me finds that is wrong.
    Hmmmm.. I am trying to figure out if there is anything that states that we have to like our patients. We must give all our patients good, safe care.
    Is it bad if a cashier "hates" customers who sneak into the 10 item or less line with a cartfull.
    Is it bad when a judge "hates" dealing with parole violaters, or when a physician drops his patients who are continuously noncompliant and narcotic seeking.
    We are comitted to giving quality care to all our patients, but I don't think that we are obligated to like all of our patients or their lifestyle. Also, isn't this the correct place to vent?
  7. by   shay
    Ya know, I'm getting really sick and tired of all these holier-than-thou types on this bb who constantly chastise those of us who come here to vent.

    Listen up, dearies........we are not the borg. We are not nuns. We are not drones. We are human beings with human feelings and are d**n well allowed to voice our opinions here and vent our frustrations without some twit coming out of the woodwork tsk tsk tsking us for being "negative" and "judgemental."


    Just because we feel a certain way about certain patients and their behaviors doesn't mean it translates into bad/neglectful care.

    Nursing is HARD WORK. I take enough crap at work, thank you very much. I don't need to come here and deal with some sanctimonious jerk telling me I'm a bad person for feeling the way I do about certain patients.


    Go pray for me. Go say a hail Mary. Go gossip about me in a PM to all your little stepford nurse friends. But if I wanna vent, don't sit there and tell me how wrong I am for having feelings.

    Good Lord.

    BBnurse34 and Susy and all the other perinatal/OB nurses who TRULY UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS TO TAKE CARE OF THESE DRUG MOMMIES AND THEIR BABIES, I totally understand. You can vent to ME anytime.
  8. by   pebbles
    I just meant to say that it's okay to have those feelings but do you have to take it out on other board members. You can express yourself without being "quite" so condescending.
  9. by   BBnurse34
    Condescending, my butt!
    Condescending is a nursing student telling Shay that Shay needs to quit being a nurse!
  10. by   BBnurse34
    Originally posted by Motivated, SN
    Or maybe, you are one of many nurses ready for
    a different career.
  11. by   fergus51
    WOW! I go away for a week and miss this! First it was breastfeeding nazis I missed, now drug using pregnant women. I have to say I like being able to vent here, and don't care too much about how others take it.

    Now, I couldn't read everything, but did anyone mention the fact that studies have shown drug using women are much less likely to seek prenatal care if they fear their doctor is going to narc on them?
  12. by   ParasMom
    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    Adults have choices.......BABIES...CHILDREN...TEENS DON'T!!! :kiss
    Thank you so much for typing that! I get a lot of crap from pro-choice friends because I want to be a nurse but I am pro-life. The more I learn about human physiology, the more pro-life I become.