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Are there any Australian Nurse out there who would be interested in getting our own section of threads Is that even possible? Let me know........ Read More

  1. by   ballyk
    I am on Aussioe too ( 6 days till OZ DAY) yep we need our own section then we won;t cobnfuse peopel with talk of eskies, stubbies, drongoes, yobbos tinlids......................OK don't get me started and OK we shoudl let the kiwis in as well (had to say that casue I am married to one LOL)
  2. by   Tookie
    Have posted a querie to Brain to ask what would qualify for a seperate forum - maybe if some others made contributions and agitated we may get some interst (in the Allnurse feedback section) - You all know how ell we can agitate - think the eureka stocakade and ned kelly and all that lot)

    BTWsehbear well done on stimulating that thread I think it may be interesting - even if we dont get a yes - we may flush out some more Aussie and the people we can con onto being tourists to our great southern land.
  3. by   renerian
    Thanks for doing that tookie......

  4. by   nimbex
    what about those in the US that really love you aussies and would love to learn more about the country, nursing, your specific issues ect.

    Just discussing with hubby last few weeks about the plunge of a move in two years to your beautiful country, started researching emigration, currency, jobs ect.

    would HATE to be excluded from your input and ideas :-)

    US damn yankee (a northerner that won't move back !)
  5. by   surfer
    Are there any international CRNA programs that re recognized in the United states. I am really interested in Australia and New Zealand/