As Healthcare Providers, Are We Doing What We Can To Ensure Our Family's Good Health?

  1. What things do you do....or what things are you aware of, but don't do often make yourself and your family healthier?

    Do you and your family eat nutritiously?

    Do you and your family exercise regularly or rarely?

    Are you able to cope with the amount of stress in your life? How does your being under stress affect your family?

    Do you take time out everyday to relax and have fun alone as well as with your family?

    Do you and your family wear seat belts everytime you ride in a car? If not, why not?

    Do you have a friend you can confide in with absolute confidentiality?

    Do you take steps to modify any unhealthy habits you may have, such as: smoking, alcohol consumption, being a couch potato, overeating, undereating, excessive junkfood eating, etc....??? you ensure your family does the same?

    Do you and your family have a family physician that you see regularly for annual check-ups? As women, do you get annual papsmears, mammograms if needed? Do monthly breast checks? you check for testicular lumps, and see your doctor when you should? Are you men eating enough tomatoes (the lysine in them is suppose to help reduce the risk of prostate cancer)?

    Does your entire family know First Aid? Is there a First Aid kit in your home and car for those unexpected emergencies?

    We don't always take the best care of ourselves as family units, and sometimes by not doing so, we are often times caught off guard in the event a loved one gets sick and needs us for motivation and encouragement. If we aren't taking care of SELF in these areas, and encouraging good health practices PREVENTIVELY to our family members, we aren't doing our best to prepare ourselves for the many health crisis that may come our way. So...let's talk about "Family Health" here, and see how we can encourage and motivate one another to take better care of ourselves and our families.

    I'm going to bed now as it is VERY late, and so will see you all tomorrow. Happy Sleeping and may we all begin to respect our health....physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally...more than we have been doing in past years. :kiss
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    I can't believe this one escaped us! I'm bringing it back to the top.

    Hubby and I exercise regularly as well as destressing with dance lessons together; he eats great, I am working on it.

    Neither one of us smokes; I wouldn't have married him if he did. He has not seen a doctor in our time together except for the physical for his job 8 years ago. I go for my yearly female exam but tend to avoid the regular doc. I fear we subscribe to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought.

    We both donate blood regularly, so we know our cholesterol and bloos pressure are good.
  4. by   live4today
    Thanks Nurse Ratched for your wonderful and inspiring comments on this. Hubby and I are always battling the bulge, so we do whatever it takes to stay as fit as possible. He...more so than I since he has to being a soldier. :chuckle

    Hubby and I always wear our seatbelt......cook healthy.....walk for exercise in addition to dancing around the house to keep my blood flowing with Oxygen on those "too hot and muggy days" when I don't get to go walking. We do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. We both have close relationships with God, so do our daily prayer and devotions for our spiritual growth to remain on target. Laugh a lot each day...snuggle with our little doggie who loves to snuggle, too. Spend time with one another talking about our day, plans we want to make, etc. Hugs, kisses...NEED more romantic moments......hubby's a little stiff in that area, but he comes around every now and then. :chuckle Other than having each other to yak with each day about our stresses, he has other soldiers to yak with, and I have my allnurses siblings as well as my own kids and grandkids to love on via the telephone so all in all......healthy is our middle name.
  5. by   renerian
    I think health care in America is very segmented and definately not holisitc.

    I eat great but my hubby is very picky. Eats no fruits, vegies. My kids took his lead......

  6. by   jnette
    USED to have SUPER healthy habits...'till I started school 3 yrs. ago. Since then, have neglected my long walks, bike riding, working out on my bowflex dailey, hiking, swimming, etc...all of which I miss dearly! But working fulltime and studying the rest of the time (at my age you don't have any EXTRA time to play with) ...has sure meant having to let go of some of my favorite passtimes. Eating habits are good, tho'. Always have been; wasn't raised on "junkfoods" so no probs there. The fresher the better, (although I even had to let my small "kitchengarden" grow over the past 3 years), don't do FF's or hardly ANYthing fried for that matter, lean broiled/grilled meats WHEN I eat meat, LOVE my veggies and greens (preferably uncooked right out of the garden..) and love fiberfoods (try putting a couple spoonfuls of raw rolled oats and a sprinkle of nuts or seeds in your yogurt next time..WONDERFUL!).. because I like TEXTURE when I eat! Took me a LONG time to get used to eating American bread..felt like I was eating air! As for Hubby being from the South, can't convert him to my eating him "if it ain't floatin' in grease, it ain't worth eatin' !" Oh well, float on, honey. As for my cereals and fibers he says I might as well be chewing on a broom!


    Wear seatbelts,etc. Do my little annual check-up thing, but don't run to the doc for all the minor stuff..let my body heal itself..don't take pharmaceuticals if I can get out of it at all (one more reason I don't go to the docs). And REFUSE to take antibiotics. I'd rather let the bug run its course; do the "mind over matter" thing.

    The one MAJOR no-no is my smoking ! And yes, I have EVERY intention of quitting just as soon as I get my degree and pass the NCLEX. Didn't feel this would be the right time to quit now. But I refuse to be a nurse that smokes.. I couldn't live with myself. The hypocrocy would be too "in my face". So that's one you all will have to help me with here in a little while. I'm pretty good with "mind over matter" so maybe it won't be so tough. I'll sure put my all into it. Then getting Hubby to quit his 2-3 pck. a day habit will be another ordeal...
    Kids (grown now) are becoming more aware of health issues since their mom's been in school, and are beginning to call and ask questions.. that's a good sign. Guess that's it ! Here's to your HEALTH !
  7. by   renerian
    Jnette........i quit a little over three weeks ago. i am using nicorette gum. So far it was hard the first week but much easier now. i am tapering off the gum.

    Good luck and you can do it!

  8. by   jnette
    Thanx Renerian ! I can use all the support you guys can muster!
    I KNOW I can do this, too! I usually am able to pull off anything I set my mind to. I'm a stubborn ol' goat! (but a CUTE one) :chuckle

    I'll go cold turkey. If that doesn't work, I'll try the nicorette, but hear it's NASTY tasting... may go with a patch instead. But I'd prefer cold turkey. Guess I have this thing about proving something to myself.. and I just LOVE it when I WIN !!! I do love competing with MYSELF, tho'... maybe I have dual personalities, here?

    I have a question, too. Since we're so big on the Stop Smoking campaign in this country ( and we SHOULD be, so don't get me wrong).. why can't the Gov't step in and help a little ? Heck, they stick their nose in everything else ! Why not offer discounts or even FREE access to "stop smoking aids" like the patches, etc. They want us to quit, take away all our smoking priveleges everywhere, etc. etc.... you'd think if they wanted you to quit so bad, they'd help out a little, and see to it that the stuff isn't so darn expensive! Or company benefits could do the same.. offer incentives to quit. Help pay for the patch.. or if you saty smoke free one year, reimburse you for the expenses you paid out to quit. Just any little thing like that would help. I know a lot of folks who have wanted to quit, go to the store for Nicotette and the like, then when standing there ready to buy, think "GEEZ!!!
    If I'm gonna spend THAT much, I'd rather spend it on my smokes!"

    Just a thought... but YES... I WILL be smoke free ! I have spoken !
  9. by   renerian
    Sounds like a good idea to me for help. My insurance plan won't pay for stop smoking aids either if you get that. I used to smoke 23 years ago and quit cold turkey with my first pregnancy. I was a class A Witch..................LOL. Did not smoke for 20 years then picked it up at a party. Everyone was smoking and I told my friend to give me one thinking I would cough and gag. IT TASTED GOOOOOOOOOOOD.....
  10. by   jnette
    "HA,HA".... did the SAME thing 10 yrs. ago! Had quit cold turkey, too, and LOVED being a non-smoker!(4 full years!) Then like a FOOL did the very same thing.."bet this will just make me turn green"... it didn't taste good, but it DID make me want to try "one more time"... I could kick my own hind end a million x over!
  11. by   renerian
    Jnette I learned to never try another cig again! I don't think the gum is that bad. Tastes like cracked pepper....

  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Great thread, Renee. Served as a good wake up call for me to really assess my health and Emma's health - am I doing all I can do and SHOULD do to make sure we are healthy physically, psychologically, spiritually, and holistically? Hmm.
  13. by   live4today
    I appreciate all of your input here, siblings!

    What is it about exercising that once you get out of the habit, it's even harder to get back in the habit? I seem to be going through a slump lately....don't know why...I just am. I can't afford to do that either.

    Sept. 16th...for six weeks...I will be attending a "Winning Combination" Class that teaches good nutrition...foods to avoid...especially for those of us taking medication to reduce our cholesterol levels. I need the exercise to increase my HDL and lower my LDL as exercise is the key to these two levels having a healthy balance.

    I feel like I'm wearing myself out with all the exercise tapes I have including the walking...and with the TX weather the way it is, I can't go out walking like I really am use to doing.

    Does anyone have a success story to tell about whether or not weight training really helps with toning and weight loss? There are so many things on the market to try and wise...exercise equipment wise...yet, what is MOST effective?

    I don't lose weight like I use to now that I'm...ahem...MATURING. I use to teach Aerobic Classes in my late 20s until my mid-thirties. It helped a lot then, but now the only thing I notice is how 'TIRED' I am after working out. I also want to sleep a lot...must be the Celexa in addition to the Zocor....then add on my Allegra and nasal spray...tylenol for the headaches I sometimes get d/t taking the Celexa.

    Okay....I'm all ears for suggestion with my dilemma, sibs! :kiss
  14. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, lets see, I am overweight. I officially fall in the "obese" category. I smoke. I don't exercise and don't eat right. So I am not exactly the picture of perfect health. It's hard to lose weight. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I've always been fat and have never been thin, it runs in my family. It's hard to overcome genetics.