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What things do you do....or what things are you aware of, but don't do often make yourself and your family healthier? Do you and your family eat nutritiously? Do you and your family... Read More

  1. by   BadBird
    Well your thread couldn't have come at a better day, I am again motivated to lose weight, I just went to the park with my daughter and her friend, they rollerbladed, I walked the path, it was beautiful. I am committed to eating healthier as I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this year, my blood sugars are in control but I do cheat sometimes which I am trying to work on. No one in our family smokes but we do not have good eating habbits, I am serious about losing weight, I lost about 25 pounds since my diagnosis in Feb. but I need to lose about 30 more. I have increased my exercise now since I have fully recovered from my 2 surgeries this summer one for a herniated disc and a hysterectomy so while I couldn't exercise for a while it feels good to get back on track. My hubby is another story, terrible eating habbits and very overweight which he just won't do anything about, I cook healthy and he comes home with fried chicken. Well I won't let him keep me fat, I am now exercising again, if I look better then maybe he will want to also, I worry about him so much. This post was a great little motivator for me. Thanks
  2. by   live4today
    I know what you mean, BadBird, regarding the hubby bringing home foods that you don't need if you want to lose weight. My hubby will bring home my FAVORITE candy bars and a fresh Cinnabon for me.....oh...let's not leave out a big bottle of Pepsi. All I have to do is say I'm not going to eat such and such because I want to lose weight, and all of a sudden he brings home this stuff that I like....not much of a soda drinker, but like a "swig of pepsi" on occasion..and he knows it, too.

    Why do some hubbys do this to us? I sometimes think he doesn't want me to be that slim gal he married 12 years ago.
    The kicker is when he needs to lose weight...he will TELL me NOT to buy him "this or that" because he has to lose weight by such and such date d/t the military 'PT" test they have on occasion. So...I obey...he loses his weight. When I bring this up to him, he'll just say "Dieting isn't good for you"....or...."You don't eat enough"....and so forth.

    I am a healthy eater...but I just don't consume enough calories in a days time which makes my body think I'm starving it...therefore...the weight gain....or no weight loss as I want. So, my doctor told me to try the "Winning Combination" classes at the hospital to see what I'm doing wrong.

    GAIN WEIGHT...LOSE WEIGHT...GAIN IT BACK PLUS some/lose some...what a rollercoaster! :chuckle
  3. by   jnette
    Hey Renee !
    Good thread, here ! As to your question about weight trng. vs. walking, running, etc... do some of each. I'm not much on aerobics, never have been, but the first time I tried weightlifting, I was hooked ! (maybe that "proving sth. to myself thing again..) And after a few wks. at a "womens' gym", I wanted MORE.. none of this "powder-puff" stuff, either! I wanted the REAL THING, BABY! So I went down the street to a "men's gym".. a little hole -in-the-wall in a basement with all free weights.. the only girl there. Did I care? Heck no! Did they? Didn't ask. I paid my dues and kept at it. Before long, I had made such progress, the "guys" were amazed. Never had a weight problem, so that's not why I was going. Just felt I wanted to "shape" my body some.. tone it up. What I noticed in the mirror was awesome...after only a month. I realized I had the ability to shape my body (sculpt it. literally) into any shape or form I desired. Seeing such results in the mirror on a nearly dailey basis is the best motivator ever! It REALLY does work ! For awhile (and this was 15 yrs. ago) I was even seriously considering competition. What's nice is that you can go as far as you want.. just toing/firmness, or add a little muscle, or a whole LOT of muscle.. whatever suits your taste and style.. but it's YOUR choice! For those needing to lose weight, I say YES.. including weightlifting ABSOLUTELY will help drop those pounds, because muscle burns fat ! Speeds up your metabolism, and the muscle literally "eats" the stored fat to be able to grow. Nothing like it! No, you don't turn into a muscle-bound freak. (unless you want to.. then you just keep lifting more and more weight) can go as far as you want. The mirror will tell you .For those with narrow shoulders, just work those a little more, and presto ! No more shoulder pads. Skinny chicken legs?
    Work those calves a little more.. nice legs, Lady! Take a good look in the mirror, then decide what you want to add, and what you want to remove. Then just do it. Don't like the idea of a gym routine? I purchased a bowflex a few years ago, and I wouldn't give it up for the world! (no advertising intended) I've neglected it lately with all the studying, but not by CHOICE. I can only do so much in one day working fulltime, and don't have time on my side anymore, so I MUST finish up my degree and put other things on the back burner til that's done. But I can hardly wait till I can get back to my workout routine.. I miss it so much And I felt so MUCH better when I worked out! Much healthier and ALIVE and POWERFUL !!! Great not having to ask the guys to lift sth. for me, to have true STRENGTH. Nothin' like it! It's not just good for the body, but for the spirit as well. Builds tremendous self confidence and independance! Most women who start lifting weight have found it to be far more rewarding and a LOT more FUN than other types of "workouts" or "excercise" It's sth. you actually can't WAIT to get to do.. really look FORWARD to ! The idea of "body sculpting" is a reality.. it's EXACTLY what it is ! Yes, throw in the walks for the heart, by all means. You won't even mind the walks anymore, because it will be a whole new body, mind and spirit walking tall and walking proud !
    Well, that's my input.. take it or leave it.:kiss

    AND.. (almost forgot!) the extra, added, and WONDERFUL benefit to us women is the bone-strengthening ! A lot of us here are at that point in our lives where we need to pay heed to the osteoporosis concerns... the more weight bearing on those bones, the better to prevent, or at least hold back this hideous condition ! Especially for those like me who have never taken any kind of HRT !
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  4. by   renerian
    For those of you who say you need to lose weight, try a vegetarian diet. I can't keep my weight up since becoming one almost seven years ago. My dr. is always on me about gaining weight or at least maintaining.....I love the food.....

  5. by   jevans
    Dear Renee

    What an insightful thought!

    My family eat healthy cos I make them!!!!!

    They exercise cos I tell them !!!!!!!

    BUT recently was under a great deal of stress in work and I brought it HOME

    I did not understand how being a nurse involves the family UNTIL now. Yes ok the unsocial hours are a reality BUT the stress caused so much problems. Having said that I have recieved so much support from members of this board that if I had not found it IT would have been worse

    So thanks for getting me to think about this
  6. by   jnette
    Renerian !

    Would you send me some veg. diet book titles, websites.. anything...? My daughter has TERRIBLE eating habits.. mostly carbs, due to her absolute distaste for meat..(ever since we killed her "pet" cow when she was 8 yrs. old, and she saw us cut up and grind up the meat..I guess I understand now, but too late).
    At any rate, since I'm not a vegetarian, and she's really not either, perhaps she could find some good HEALTHY things to cook.

    I worry a lot about her lack of protein (besides the occas'l peanuts and boiled eggs).. and also need a book that would be fun and easy for a "young person" to devote a little time to.. make it easy as far as what to purchase and how to cook it.. nice and easy and nothing real "far out" or exotic.. something the typical young person would enjoy cooking and EATING ! Any suggestions? Sure would appreciate it ! Got to get her off the pizza and pasta routine !
  7. by   renerian
    Jnette I will check out some of my books and email you if you give me your address........might be a long post. Has your dtr tried the vegie burgers? They are loaded with protein.

    my email is

    just email me and I will send some titles........

    I am 45 at 5'5" and only weigh works but your helping save all those animals LOL.

  8. by   live4today
    WOW!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!!! Such great advice!

    jnette.......thanks a bunch for breaking down the weight training benefits for me. I'm going to see if I can get into a weight training class. If I could lose inches and tone my waistline and thighs (short women tend to have the mid section problem...especially Sagittarians ...), I'd be thrilled to death! Hubby would go with me, too, because he has been trying to get me to go to the gym with him to do weights when he does weights, but I don't go because I don't want to be surrounded by ALL THOSE MALE SOLDIERS! :chuckle Yes...believe it or not, this woman is shy in that respect.

    Renerian and Jevans...thumbs up to you also! :kiss
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  9. by   jnette
    You're more than welcome, Renee ! And don't be intimidated by the "MEN"... they're really quite pleased to see a woman working on herself..even if they don't "admit it" to the other guys! And if they see you're serious, they tend to be quite helpful ! An added benny... some special, quality time with hubby ! You'll enjoy it ! Let me know how you're making out... I'll be your supporter and motivator in this one, ok? But after a month or 2, I doubt you'll need external motivation ! You'll be dragging Hubby to the gym !:roll
  10. by   live4today
    :chuckle Thanks again jnette! Hubby will like that! :chuckle

    Time to go eat some dinner now...will check the thread later on for more wonderful sharing from you great people. :kiss
  11. by   jnette
    See ya !
    Got to head for bed, myself... 0330 comes mighty early and it's back to work tomorrow ! G'nite, All ! :zzzzz
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    we eat a lot of veggies and fruits. we use the george foreman's grill for chicken, ground chuck, and porkchops when we don't want the fried foods. i don't have any problems with my children eating "right" but like them, i like those "other" foods too.

    we have bikes and i love to walk (have not gotten back to a routine like i would like). i need to drink more water, but i do like to eat crushed ice. great topic.
  13. by   live4today
    Oh how I miss my bike, and bike riding in Germany on their wonderful bike paths! The curbs were even designed for continuous biking.....never having to stop biking to lift your bike up on the curb from one block to another. Hubby and I had so much fun biking in Germany! :kiss Great form of exercise, especially on a cool day. Ahhhhh...wondering when a cool breeze will come to visit us here in S.A.