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  1. by   live4today
  2. by   shygirl
    I am very happy nursing. I work with seniors. Whenever one on them looks at me, once in a while I can see a sparkle in thier eyes just as if they were young again. I am immediately reminded that I too will one day be elderly (God willing) and I hope someone is as nice to me as I am to them!
  3. by   fedupnurse
    Boobaby you are right on the money! I will be more content when the general population realizes the importance of having an experienced competent nurse at their side. All in all I am content. I have stress like everyone else but I deal with it as best as I can. Having a psycho dog who thinks she is a cat helps lot! Won't we all be happeir when we are working at Allnurses Hospital on Allnurses Island? Imagine the conversation at the dinner table on that island!!! Better premdicate any non-medical family memebrs who may tag along!
  4. by   Mary Dover
    The following was just emailed to me by a friend. This is truly how I try to look at things to maintain at least a 'content' attitude.

    Truly blessed
    Here's a great way to quickly change your attitude about anything and to put yourself in a positive frame of mind. Wherever you are, whatever has happened, in every situation, consider yourself truly blessed.
    If there's something which must be done, that you'd really rather avoid, consider that you're truly blessed to be doing it. That simple change in thinking can put an amazing positive spin on the experience.

    If there's a troublesome situation confronting you, consider yourself truly blessed to be able to face it. It will help you to fashion your most positive, effective and resourceful response.

    Sure, it's difficult to think of yourself as truly blessed when you're in the middle of something unpleasant, frightening or frustrating. Difficult as it may be, though, it sure beats the alternative of giving in to despair and negativity.

    It may not make sense at first to your logical mind, yet in some very positive and empowering way your spirit will understand. Indeed, you are truly blessed, and it can be a powerful positive boost to remind yourself of that fact. Just do it and see for yourself what a difference it can make.

    -- Ralph Marston
  5. by   fedupnurse
    Nice post Mary!
  6. by   a-rose
    They often talk some of the hospital when medical friends meet each other. Sometimes I cannot suffer from that. I hope that we can take part in entertainments in off-work time and Keep away form anything about the hospital, in particular about the own hospital. It is benefit to take part in non-medical activities in the off hours.
  7. by   a-rose
    When you are in blue, how to get rid of it?
  8. by   simao pt
    Nursing is the kind of profession that can be terrible if you don't like it. Fortunately i really love my job. Although there are some rough moments the overall is very positive, and i'm very happy for my choice of profession. Many times i had problems outside my working space and after beggining my work the problems faded away for a couple of hours, while i involved myself in doing something i love - nursing.
  9. by   boggle
    Originally posted by a-rose
    When you are in blue, how to get rid of it?
    chocolate helps!

    but...sometimes a visit with a friend helps more. If no friends are around, a visit to helps, but I stick to the lighthearted and off topic threads untill I can face the serious ones.

    Physical activity helps, even if it is just long as music is on.

    Thinking over and over about all that went wrong at work DOES NOT help. Sometimes I just have to "let go" of the day. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start.

    a-rose, you do sound blue in your posts here. Remember, you have many friends here that are always willing to listen when you are having a rough time.!
  10. by   MOMMY
    The day that I have to kick my but to go to work is the day that I quit working as a nurse. I have thought about changing jobs but I really truely love to work as a nurse, why else would I put up with the abuse and poor pay.
  11. by   tattooednursie
    I love my job, but I have been moody latley. I have had more than a week off (even though I have been ill), so I'm going to try to be all refreshed when I come back.
  12. by   EmeraldNYL
    Yeah I totally have the Winter Blues, maybe I need to go on a vacation someplace warm and sunny!! (Yeah right, let me save my money). Spring PLEASE come soon!!
  13. by   Teshiee
    Nursing is okay. When I meet new grads I really tell them the positive side and let them encounter the negatives on their own so I don't seem negative. I have been a RN for 2 1/2 years and I am getting tired. Not so much the patients the whole political redderick of this profession. We do not get what we deserve and when we do there is so much opposition among our selves. I come to work with a good attitude and dead tired when I leave. When I know I have done the best that I could and make a difference of what I did it makes it worth while to hang in there just a little longer. I know deep down that nursing is the most rewarding profession anyone could do. Why it is so damn hard in making conditions better I will never understand. I pray that things will get better for the up and coming nurses hopefully they will make a difference too........