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Ive heard about the autonmy of nursing and nurses,but when I work I dont feel very autonomous,maybe Im not empowered or I dont appreciate the autonomy I have. Will some please articulate for me the... Read More

  1. by   semstr
    Doesn't it depend on the federal laws in the different countries?
    We got a new federal law here in 1997 and it is written down exactly how much autonomy a nurse has. But.................. paper is very thin isn' it?
  2. by   flowerchild
    In my position as a RN I am almost 100% autonomous. I am empowered and enabled and I absolutly love it.
  3. by   sunnygirl272
    I am an LPN, have been for over a decade..inhomecare for 5yrs..i have a degree of autonomy that i would not have anywhere else...i am respected by my peers, most of whom are RNs..they frequently ask me for my opinions, not just on what i found on a givern visit, but ingeneral for the client...i call the MDs myself, do my own VOs, review 485s for the RNs, and much else...i know they know that i know what i am doing....they trust me to call if i need help, and know i will take care of problems, not just wait ti li get back to the office to tell them for them to take care of...

    hope this makes sense...loooooooong it friday yet?
  4. by   nimbex
    Nursing process is autonomous. Other than that nursing requires physician orders. In our CSICU, we have pages and pages of standing orders to follow and never call a doc..... but is that autonomous? I can reposition a swan, give blood, change pacemaker settings without ever calling....

    but they gave permission first

    Our NP's do NOT have any autonomy. The CRNA's do, they are in controll of the heart case, not the cardiac surgeon. but hell, that is years more of schooling, I don't need autonomy that bad